Communication can be understood as the conveying of information or a message from one entity to the other. Explore the article to know about the different styles of communication.

Communication Styles

Communication, in simple words, is the transfer of information or messages from one entity to the other. Different people follow different styles of communication, depending on their personality and attitude. Then, there are some people who follow all the communications styles, depending upon what is required at a given point of time, in a particular situation. While some people are direct, honest and upfront, some are indirect, manipulative and aggressive in a rather passive way. In case you wish to know about the different styles of communication in detail, follow the article and figure out your style!
Different Styles Of Communication
Assertive Communication
The assertive style is believed to be the most effective and healthiest style of communication. It is the way humans express themselves naturally, when their self-esteem gives them the confidence to communicate without using manipulation and games. When we use an assertive style of communication, our objective is to work out mutually satisfying solutions and as such, we communicate our needs clearly and in a forthright manner. In this case, we know our limits and reject any attempts to be pushed beyond, just because others want something else from us. However, it is surprising to note that assertive style is the least used style of communication.
Aggressive Communication
The aggressive style of communication always involves manipulation techniques. Aggressive communication intends to manipulate people into making them do what we want, by using tactics such as, inducing guilt (hurt), intimidation and controlling the other person (by showing anger). This style of communication may be covert or overt, though the intention is always to get our needs met. There are a few arenas where aggressive behavior is demanded, including sports and war. However, aggressive communication doesn’t work in a relationship for a long time. Interestingly enough, aggressive sports also rely heavily on team coordination and rational coaching strategies.
Passive Communication
The passive style of communication is based on compliance and is aimed to avoid confrontation at any cost. In the passive communication mode, the communicator talks very less, questions even less and actually does very little. Passive communicators just don’t want to rock the boat for the fear of having to sail through rough waters. They believe that it is rather safe not to react and better to disappear from the scene than to stand up and get noticed. They hate being involved in a war of words or a heated argument.
Passive-Aggressive Communication
The passive-aggressive communication style involves a lot of strategizing and intends to avoid direct confrontation. Passive-aggressive communicators believe in getting their way through manipulation (aggressive). This style is rather sneaky and devious, where the intention is to make the other person suffer without any direct attack. It includes politics and rumor-mongering. Passive-aggressive communicators are self enhancing, though they are not very straight forward about it. Though such people may appear honest, the underlying comments are sure to confuse the people around. This style is definitely not considered one of the best ways to communicate.

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