Learn to spot problems in your marriage so that you can fix them before they get out of hand.

How To Tell If You Have Marriage Problems

The silver screen and movies portray the end of a marriage as a result of infidelity or something similarly huge. However, in reality, marriages can end because of a simple problem that snowballs into something very big. If you watch out for problems in your marriage quite early, you will find that you have a better chance of saving the marriage and making it work. While it is easy to spot marital problems in other people’s lives, it is quite difficult to spot them in our own lives. There are times when we just refuse to see the signs or else ignore them and live in a world of make-believe marital bliss. An honest self-examination may not be all that pleasant, but it can go a long way in saving your marriage. Watch out for those little red flags in your relationship where you can stop and fix your marital problems. 
Signs Of Marriage Problems
Frequent Arguments 
Mentally review the time that you spend with your spouse. It is normal to be annoyed with the other person, at times. However, if you find that everything about them annoys you, then there is something wrong. Or, if you find that every decision that your spouse makes is just an argument waiting to happen, it is time to sit back and consider. 
Poor Sex Life 
Do you still get all hot and tingly when you think about your spouse and yourself in bed? Or has sex become something that you do just because you have to? It is natural for sexual relationships to become monotonous after many years have gone by. However, if it has been a long time since you were intimate with your spouse, or if you feel there is no warmth anymore in your lovemaking, you could have a problem in your marriage. 
Your Happiness 
If you find that you are just unable to be happy sharing your space with your spouse, this is a sign that your marriage is in trouble. You could also evaluate how you spend the time that you are around your spouse. Do you try all you can to make sure you keep a distance between the two of you? Or, with the roles reversed, do you find your spouse avoiding you? It’s time to evaluate the situation. 
Abuse is not limited to physical wounds. Verbal insults, emotional and mental harassment, and forced sexual relations are all categorized under marital abuse. These are, in fact, legal grounds for marital separation. If abuse occurs, it is best to speak to your spouse when he/ she is in a rational frame of mind, and seek counseling at the earliest. 
Get Other’s Opinions 
Love for your spouse can blind you at times to what is really happening in your marriage, until it is too late. Ask your friends about what they feel your relationship is like. You might be surprised with the answers. After all, friends are a mirror of you. You could also put yourself in the place of a friend, and think about how you would see your marriage, if you saw it from the outside.

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