Insecurity in marriage is one of the major reasons behind its failure. To know more about insecurity problems in marital relationship, read on.

Insecurity In Marriage

Marriage - the word itself is self-defining for two individuals, who create kinship through a legal contract. However, the commitment for a relationship in marriage is losing its significance in the contemporary world. The biggest evidence of it is the increasing number of divorce cases and unsuccessful marital relationships. It is obvious, though, that this part of relationship requires more understanding and trust, a vital force for them to keep two partners going. There are a lot of adjustments that are done to keep the relation on the track, however, the hustles and bustles of today’s fast paced life has plagued the beautiful relationship with many diseases. One of the most deadly amongst them is insecurity. Let us explore the insecurity in marriage, in detail.
Signs Of Insecurity In Marriage 
  • A feeling that there is a presence of some other person in your spouse’s life
  • A strong feeling as if you are not being loved the same way as you love your spouse
  • A regular question, asking if the partner is happy in the relationship or not, along with asking similar questions to the partner’s friend
  • The feeling that your partner is not spending enough time with you
  • Feeling insecure about the relation itself and getting worried about the future. A constant doubt about whether your partner will remain in the relationship or will leave you
  • Cooking up wildest thoughts and weirdest imagination, like the partner is spending time with some of the close friends and thus avoiding you
  • Getting nosy about minute details about the whereabouts of the partner, like checking phone calls, messages, etc
  • Unreasonably blaming partner for ignoring you and thus picking up fights on the minor issues 
Causes Of Insecurity 
  • One of the major factors that lead to insecurity lies in a childhood trauma that the person must have faced. Lack of love from the family members, being brought up by a single parent or growing up witnessing a bad relationship between parents affects a child’s tender mind and him/her lack trust in future relationships as well.
  • The negative experience of a past relationship also haunts the current relationship, as the person stop believing in his/her partner.
  • Low self esteem is also one of the main reasons for being insecure. If any of the partner has a feeling of inferiority complex, along with the feeling that he/ she is not fit for his/her partner, insecurity crops up.
  • Fear of losing someone you love also leads to insecurity. This can be caused by a past trauma faced by the person, which has made the feeling grow strong. 
How To Deal With Insecurity 
  • Love, be it a love or arrange marriage, is the necessary fuel that will keep the passion ignited in a relationship. Your unconditional love will definitely bring your partner out of the insecurity.
  • One of the best ways to tackle the situation is introspection of the reasons behind it, followed by discussing the same with your spouse.
  • You need to mend up the communication bridge between both of you, so that your partner feels that his/her emotions are understood. This will also help in the case when the partner is suffering from low confidence levels.
  • Keep insecurities at bay, by appreciating the insecure partner and building confidence in him/her, by giving recognition.

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