Dealing with insecurity of people is a very challenging task in itself. Read the article to know how to deal with an insecure person.

How To Deal With An Insecure Person

Dealing with the insecurity of a person you care about, at times, seems to be a very challenging task. You need to uproot the cause of insecurity, at the same time ensuring that the person is not hurt in the process. Dealing with the mood swings, temper, tantrums and the attention-seeking behavior of an insecure person requires a lot of patience. Maintaining the thread of relationship with such a person becomes the priority, when he/she is very close to you. He/she may be your spouse, workplace pal or a close friend. In case you are also encountering the same problem, go through this article and learn how to deal with an insecure person.
Dealing With Insecurity
Be Patient
The reasons for insecurity differ from person to person. If the person is your partner/spouse, he/she might have had a problematic relationship in the past, which might have left scars. As a result, he /she may be lacking confidence in the present relationship with you. He/she may project the insecurity in different ways, which might seem to be beyond your limit of tolerance. In such a situation, it is better to explore the root cause for their insecurity, uproot it (if possible) and deal with the person with love and a lot of patience.
Show Importance
People often become insecure if they are not given the importance they deserve. For instance, if you ignore a person or give less importance to him/her in front of others, it might leave him/her edgy, wanting to control you more, especially when you are with a group of friends. Hence, show due importance to the person so that he/she doesn’t feel insecure when you mingle with others.
Spend Time
It is very important to spend quality time with an insecure person. This is because lack of effective communication may make him/her think that you do not care about him/her. Consequently, he/she may lack confidence in the relationship with you. Increase the number of outings or dates with him/her and secure him/her with your presence. This will help the person open up and have faith in the relationship. He/she may even tell you the reason for being insecure.
If the person has done something nice for you, be considerate to acknowledge it. Lack of appreciation may hurt the person and the relationship that you share with him/her may get affected badly. Do not miss out on an opportunity to appreciate him/her for whatever good he/she has done to you. Whether small or big, his/her achievements or good deeds should be given the due respect and appreciation, making him/her feel secure.
Avoid Ego Clashes
One of the most apparent reasons for insecurity in people is ego clashes. Ego should not pose as a hurdle in maintaining or developing a good relationship, be it with your spouse, colleagues or friends. People often feel insecure in relationships where the other person is more successful than they are. The best way to deal with an insecure person would be to avoid ego clashes. This can be done by appreciating the person for his/her own achievements. He/she won’t mind if you are climbing the ladder of success faster, provided you appreciate and spend time with him/her as well.

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