Getting the man of your dreams to marry you may seem to be difficult. However, with these tips, you will find it easy. Go through the article and know how to get him to marry you.

Get Him To Marry You

You have spent a lot of time with him now. Your days and nights are filled with him; everything you do in your life or the future that you imagine has got your Mr. Perfect in it. You sure are head over heels in love with this special young man! If he is your soul mate then it must feel like you both are already married to each other. If it does feel like that then why wait––get him to marry you! We know you are the kind of girl who would not want to pop the question yourself, therefore our task here is to get your better half to quickly turn around and ask ‘will you marry me?’And no we will not tell you to be the plain Jane and to actually ask him to propose you; there is of course no fun in that. In fact we will teach you some tricks to make him want to pop up the question himself. Poor guy, maybe he is busy in his professional life or it has not struck him yet that his woman is all ready to be his bride now. But worry not; we can remind him of that. Your womanly articulation can come handy in this, we will leave that to you but rest is upon us. Leave it on us to show you how to get your man to ask the inevitable. Your wait is practically over and we would suggest you to start researching on what wedding dress you would like to get married in. Read on to know how to get a proposal.
How To Get A Man To Marry You
Loving Assurance: Not to him, well of course to him but to you as well––give yourself the most needed self-assurance. You are worth his love, worth being a part of his life and worth getting a proposal from him. Keep reiterating it in your mind. It will eventually show in your personality. Nobody loves anyone if they do not love themselves first and you can never get anything in life if you do not know your actual worth. Do not think of this as a competition that you have to win and if he asks you to marry him then you have won the contest otherwise you are a loser. Tell yourself that you are worth to share his life with him and he recognizes that and appreciates it. Like this, it will turn into a positive self-proclaiming prophecy.
Find Out What He Thinks: Do not pressurize him, at any situation, to marry you. Give him enough time to prepare himself for commitment. To be blunt, forcing him to commit will show him that you are desperate about getting married to him. Test the waters first to understand if he actually wants to get married to you or in general what are his views on marriage. There are so many men out there who do not believe in getting married at all or some of them tell themselves that they will not get married before a certain age or before a certain goal is achieved. Try to assess where he is at with the marriage thing.
Leave Hints: If you will not let him know what you want how will he know? But we do not want you to blurt it out in front of him. That is no way to get him to want you to marry him. Be very subtle about it. Bring up the topic of some of your friends who are married and are very happy together. Let him know what you feel about marriage as a concept, but say it only when it makes sense, only when it is in context. Do not bring the topic out of the blue otherwise he will know that you are expecting something out of him.
Be His Lifeline: Become his necessity, the part of his life without which every other part will just collapse. Devote your time and energy in his life and trying to understand the dynamics of his life. When he talks to you about his profession or finances do pay attention. Make him feel like you do want to know things about his life that are not necessarily emotional. This will make him realize that you are not just looking for a romantic good time but you are also seriously interested in the other important elements of his life. If he is troubled or hassled about a practical problem then discuss it with him and suggest him an intelligent solution. He will start looking up to you for important decisions in his life. This will eventually make him realize what importance you hold in his life and then who knows, getting married to you might become his only motive! 

Friends With Folks: Be pally with his parents. Try to create a rapport with them,  especially his mother. Men are very close to their mothers and if they see a girl very friendly with them, they fall all the more for them. Let your man see how you make an effort to get along with his folks. This will make him feel special and he will start to see you in his family picture. That is all you have got to do, ignite the imagination of you as his wife in his mind and he will be asking you to get hitched with him real soon.

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