Holding hands is an expression of love and intimacy. If you are looking for some tips on how to hold hands, read the article.

How To Hold Hands

In almost all the rom-com or chick-flicks, there comes a time when the guy just holds the hands of the girl and they gazes into each other’s eyes, and your heart goes awww. Holding hands is such an intimate gesture, which everyone from a small baby to an old grand pa uses. Remember the feeling when a small baby just curls his hands around you and you suddenly start to feel affectionate. In a love relationship too, holding hands is an intimate gesture, which shows love, care, and affection without you having to say that. If you want to hold hand of someone, you probably want to pursue the relationship further too. Actually when you hold the hands of your ‘someone special', a feeling of intimacy and being in love comes over you. Holding hands is a very subtle way of saying you care. And while it might be very easy for some to hold hands of their loved ones, there may be few people who find it hard to come to terms with such an expression of love and intimacy. It also depends upon the kind of person you are. For a vibrant and outgoing person, holding hands in public places is no big deal, but for a shy person, holding hands even in a private place seems to be a difficult task. However if you are in a relationship, it becomes important to show love and affection. Holding hands is the most basic of all the affection. In order to cross the move onto the next level of intimacy, it is very important to go through the basic and knowing how to hold hands will help in removing your inhibit. In the following lines, we provide some tips on holding hands. Explore them to know the tips for holding hands. 
Tips For Holding Hands
  • The first step to know how to hold hands would be to find someone whose hands you can hold. However, for most people it just comes and doesn’t need practice. If you are going out with a person and want to take the relationship further, there would be nothing better than holding their hands.
  • The feeling of holding someone's hand is wonderful. It would get enhanced further, if the other person reciprocates by grasping your hand tightly. However if you are just in a start of a relationship, then it’s better to keep off from holding hands as it may push the other person far.
  • You can hold hands while you are sitting, standing, or walking next to that person. Make sure to choose a romantic setting. don’t startle them, when he/she is gazing in your eyes, you can get a hold of their hand and squeeze slightly.
  • If the person squeezes back, know for sure that he/she is enjoying your company.
  • There are two ways of holding hands. The first would be to just grasp a person's hand and hold it. This is easy, but would not last for a long time. The other would be to interlock your fingers with his/hers. If the person is comfortable holding your hand, interlocking proves to be the best way.
  • Since both of you are enjoying each other’s company, look straight into each other's eyes and keep on holding hands.

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