Hooking up with a man can be very easy, if you know the right technique. Go through the article, to know more on how to hook up with a guy.

How To Hook Up With A Guy

Eyeing a hot guy since a long time? Want to hook up with him? This might not be as difficult as you think it to be. Though he might not have noticed you even once and is also not aware of your existence, there are ways to get real close to him. Once you have initialized a conversation, you can easily create the opportunity to hook up with him. All you need to do is be positive and make the most of every chance you get. Do not get intimidated by his looks or intelligence or personality. What we girls generally do is consider ourselves a little less than our crushes and constantly question ourselves whether we deserve him or not. Of course you deserve him; you are uniquely beautiful, clever and smart. The mantra to get what you want in life is to believe in your ability to achieve it and retain it. If you want him, then you are worth it. If you will approach any guy with such positive confidence then trust us, you just have to put a finger on someone and he will be yours. He will not be able to resist your confidence and charisma. A woman’s magnetism lies in her ability to demand and gorgeously conceal her intentions. And for the rest, read this article to learn the articulation involved in hooking up with that hunk.
Hooking Up With A Man
  • Initiate The Conversation: The only way to hook up with a guy would be to initialize a conversation. Let him know of your presence. Find out a way to start a conversation and keep it going. You cannot possibly think that your crush would find out about you himself. You have to hover around him and make him notice you. You have to find out ways to fill up his senses. He must get familiarize with everything about you––what you smell like, how does your laugh sound like, what you like, what you do not like, etc. It is when he is familiarized with you properly that he will start to miss you when you are not there and it is when he starts to miss you, you can be sure that an impact has been made.
  • Texting Your Way Forward: Make sure you exchange phone numbers as soon as possible. Start by messaging him and then proceed to calls. If this is a guy who you think is blessed with a good sense of humor then you can start by sending him a funny, almost teasing text message. See how he picks that up. If he responds back in the same way then he is definitely into you. And from there, there is no looking back again. You can keep this going for a while. Try not to look too desperate for attention; if every time you are the one who initiates it then let him initiate it from time to time.
  • To Hook Up, Meet Up: Once this is done, you can gradually leap to the next phase of hanging out. It can either be just the two of you or in a group of friends. Do not wait for too long for him to ask you out. Articulate the situation in a way that it seems like you are not asking him out on a date. Maybe hanging together amongst a bunch of friends is a more sensible idea. Wait for him to ask you out on a date with just you and him and yes that will happen! Just needs a bit of womanly concealed persuasion.
  • Get A Little Touchy: Flirt with him in a subtle way. This can be either by touching his arm or playing with your hair, while talking to him. Make sure that you are getting open vibes from him. If he seems uninterested, do not press the matter further, as the situation can turn out to be awkward and you might lose the friendship as well. But if he does seem to be enjoying it then you can explore the boundaries with him––from under the table footsey to giving sexy looks, you must try them all with him. It will be fun as well as provocative; whatever grabs his attention. Take it a little further and try something bolder. In case you are with friends, ask him whether he wants to go somewhere else to talk. The best bet would be to move to a place which is a little dark.
  • Confession Time: Once you are there, start talking. While you are deep in conversation, touch his arms, chest or legs. If he moves away, do not move further, because he might not be interested. However, if he reacts positively, get closer. This is the point where you can verbally get open with him and may be tell him that you fancy him. There are more chances than not that he will respond to this in a similar way.
  • Hooked: When you sense that the time is right, go in for a kiss. If your guy does not move away, advance the hook up as far as you wish to. Maybe you can ask him to came to your place with you for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, which obviously mean that you want to take it to another level; do not worry he will get that straight! And if he in fact does say yes then congratulations girl, you are hooked!

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