It is not too difficult to become preppy, provided you are ready to make some efforts in this regard. Go through this article and know how to be preppy.

How To Be Preppy

The preppy look is basically an all-American look that is clean-cut and classy. Mostly seen wearing polo shirts and khakis (for guys) or linen dresses (for girls), preps maintain a clean, sophisticated and refined look. They are distinguished by their pleasing manners, excellent behavior and an outgoing personality. Becoming preppy is not very difficult, provided you are ready to make some efforts for the same. In the following lines, we have provided some tips that will help you know how to be preppy.
How To Look Preppy
In order to look like a preppy, you first have to develop the right attitude. Be happy, have a positive outlook towards life, interact with people and be friendly with everyone. Smile often and avoid getting into an argument with people. Avoid talking on topics like money and politics.
Manners & Etiquettes
Preps always have good manners and treat everyone equally. Being snobbish is something that is totally against the spirit of preps. Proper manners and etiquettes show that you have a good upbringing. Make use of words like sorry, please and excuse me often.
Being preppy is synonymous with being social. Make new friends, while keeping the old ones close by. Throw parties for your friends every now and then, totally free of drugs and sex. Though having an occasional drink is okay, make sure not to get drunk and slobber all over the place.
Branded Clothes
In order to become preppy, you need to look preppy as well. Always buy clothes from branded shops and, rather than the clothes in fashion presently, go for the one that are timeless classics and can be worn in the future as well. Never ever follow fashion blindly and stick to clothes that suit you.
Textures, Colors & Prints
While buying clothes, stick to those that are 100% cotton, wool or cashmere. The cuts should be clean and the colors bright, like green, pink, light blue, red, white, etc. In case of patterns, stick to plaid, stripes, gingham, polka dots, argyle, floral, paisley, nova checks and tartan.
In case of footwear, go for suede loafers, boat shoes (top-siders) or leather flip flops, in casual; and leather shoes in black or brown, in formal, if you are a guy. For preppy girls, ballet flats, top-siders (boat shoes), ribbon canvas flip flops, smart sneakers and leather high heels are best.
Personal Hygiene
If you want to be preppy, maintain excellent personal hygiene. Take a shower at least once a day, brush your teeth well, get a neat haircut, take care of your skin, maintain your nails and smell nice. Guys should shave daily and girls should wear light makeup.
Almost everyone known as a preppy has at least one sport as a hobby, preferably an expensive one. You can take up tennis or golf. Lacrosse, crew, sailing and even horseback riding qualify as preppy hobbies. In other words, it has to be a sport and it has to be expensive.

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