Talking to shy girls is an art that few are adept at. Go through the article and learn how to talk to shy girls and get yourself well acquainted with them.

How To Talk To Shy Girls

It is difficult to get acquainted with shy girls. Generally, they are a bit hesitant in opening up in front of people. Worst is the case when they encounter a group of unknown faces. In such situations, they often withdraw themselves and stay isolated, avoiding long conversations and detailed discussions. You should know that there is a knack of handling timid girls, as not every one of them may exude the same kind of shyness. Some of them may be conversationally shy, while others may be outgoing, but may not get past small talks. Hence, you should be able to judge for yourself and take the right steps that will help them open up and talk to you. In this article, we have discussed tisp on how to talk to shy girls, so as to develop good terms with them.

Talking To Shy Girls
Initiate Conversations
Shy girls may hesitate to initiate a conversation. Therefore, whenever you encounter a timid girl, start the conversation yourself. Take the lead and give her the chance to join you. Approach her with confidence, but do not be too overbearing, as this acts as a major hindrance in opening up shy girls. You can express your confidence in the way you talk, walk or dress, but know where to draw the line.
Keep The Conversation Light
Don’t try to make shy girls open up too fast and inject too many questions at a time. Keep the atmosphere light and humorous, as everyone like to have a good laugh. Short jokes and puns will not only help to open her up, but will also keep the conversation going. However, keep in mind that you do not go overboard with your jokes, as humor is often subjective and personalized to people’s taste.
Listening is a great tool, especially when you want to make shy girls open up. Ask about their interests and when they reply, make them feel that you are attuned to the conversation. This will let them open up and talk freely.
Make Them Comfortable
Shy girls are generally not comfortable facing a crowd, particularly when it is full of strangers. They need to be comforted when they face new people. Therefore, make sure that they are introduced to only a few people at a time. They may feel more at ease if they encounter less number of unknown faces at a go.
Relate To Them
Shy girls usually do not like to get too involved in too many occasions and if you are the outgoing type, she might sometimes feel overpowered by your personality, in a negative way. To make her feel comfortable or to relate to her on her level, try to place yourself in her shoes and understand her situation.
Do Not Be Forceful
Forcing a shy girl to do anything she is not comfortable in doing, is considered rude. This way, you may put her in an awkward situation, which may ruin all the efforts you have already taken to get close to her. Give her enough liberty to be herself.
Speak Gently
You need to be gentle while talking to a shy girl. Know whether it is the appropriate time to speak to her and whether she is interested in a conversation or not. Start with a question that does not seem accusatory and keep your tone even at all times.

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