If you want to look attractive to girls but don’t know how to go about it, then read on to find out.

How To Look Attractive To Girls

Everybody wants to attract the opposite sex, but few know the ways in which to actually attract them. Here we provide you with some expert advice on how to look attractive to girls.
If you follow these steps, ladies will surely find you attractive.
  • Exercise - Nothing is more attractive than being in a good physical shape. Do some basic stretches, sit ups and push ups every morning. You can also join a gym and lift weights three or four times a week. 
  • Eat Healthy - Avoid junk food as much as possible. It is always better to  totally stop having these. If that is hard, then make sure that you do not have junk food too often. If you eat food that contains excess of calories, it is sure to show up on your hair, nails, skin, teeth and guts. So think before you consume junk food. 
  • Drink water - Drink loads of water and avoid those cold drinks. Cold drinks are nothing but pure calories which will ultimately end up harming your body. If you must have a carbonated drink, then have a lime juice with soda.
  • Hygiene - A good hygiene is necessary if you want to look attractive to girls. Shower each morning and use a strong smelling soap or body wash. Also remember, while using perfume, use something light instead of strong. A strong scent can suffocate the other person. 
  • No bad habits - Quit smoking immediately. You might think it looks cool but it makes you smell bad, not to mention it affects your health as well. As a result of smoking, your teeth will turn yellow, your tongue will have a white coating and your breath will smell really bad. 
Teeth and Breath
  • You must visit a dentist regularly for thorough cleaning and an evaluation of your teeth. 
  • Use a toothbrush which has soft bristles so that it does not damage your gums. Make sure that every tooth comes into contact with the brush. 
  • You can also use a tongue cleaner. This will help in cleaning your tongue, which will have a positive impact on your breath.
Hair and Nails
  • Have a proper, decent haircut which looks good. You can apply hair gel if you like but do not go overboard with it. 
  • You should use a good shampoo and a conditioner while you shower. This will help your hair to look good and will give a great shine to it as well. 
  • Do not bite your finger nails; just make sure that you cut them regularly. Also, please remember not to use nail polish; this can turn off many girls. 
The above mentioned steps can be summed up under the following points:
  • Smell good
  • Have a good body
  • Take care of your nails and hair
  • Take care of your skin and teeth 
If you follow the above steps, you will surely notice a change within no time. Also, remember to be yourself whenever you are with a girl.

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