Most of us have been at the receiving end of nosy people and their nosy questions, without knowing how to respond/deal with them. Check out some tips on answering nosy questions.

How To Deal With Nosy Questions

Human being is a social animal, who lives in a community and communicates with all those who form a part of it. We meet various kinds of people throughout our life - in school, college, public transport, office, parties, and so on. Everywhere, we come across different kinds of people - some shy and some totally outgoing, some quiet and some chatterboxes. However, there is one kind of people that you will find almost everywhere - nosy people. They can ask you the most intrusive of questions, without even batting an eyelid. The problem is that you have to live with them and deal with them, no matter what. There is just no escaping.
Nosy People and Nosy Questions
Nosy people and their nosy questions is a problem that we all have to face, at some point of time or the other. In fact, there will hardly be a person who hasn’t been subject to nosy questions, intended at prying deep into your personal life. There may also be times when people ask questions with harmless intentions, but end up looking too nosy. Whether a person is being nosy purposely or accidentally, you need to make sure than you do not end up divulging more information than what you should. To help you in answering nosy questions, with revealing too much, we have provided some tips in the lines below.
How to Deal with Nosy Questions
The best way to respond to nosy questions is to give vague answers. For example - if someone asks you how much do you weigh, say something like ‘just perfect for my height’ or ‘just what I should’. If you find them asking you more questions about the same, trying to get to the information they want, just keep repeating what you said earlier. I know it does feel a little silly doing that, but it will give the other person the idea that you do not want to disclose the information. In such a case, more often than not, people back down from their nosy questions.

You can also try changing the topic, by praising that nosy person a bit. In reference to the question mentioned above, say something like ‘I weigh just perfect for my age, but you do seem to have become much fitter. What is the secret?’. This method works in most of the cases. Finally, if you feel that the person is not being put off by anything you say, simply say ‘I am not comfortable discussing this with anyone’, or ‘first you tell the answer if I put the same question to you, then I will think about replying the same’. Even the most pushing person will back down at such an answer.

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