It is far from easy to woo a quiet and shy girl compared to a smart and extroverted one. So if quiet girls interest you, these tips will give your love story a happy ending!

How To Attract Quiet Girls

“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson. Even the coyest of girls will tell you that. But then the quiet ones rarely show their emotions and would rather stay in the shy safe confines of their own peaceful world, even if that means being bereft of attention from the opposite gender, leaving many a love-story incomplete. In such cases, men fail to understand their silence as they forget that love has no language, and needn’t be expressed through words only. No wonder then that outgoing girls seem to be more adept at finding partners of their choice while the reticent ones usually settle for the ones chosen by their parents. But then they are born shy, and if determined, the man interested in her can well learn to respond to the love hidden in her eyes. Passionate and sensitive otherwise, she might be trying to communicate her emotions in a hundred other ways. If only more men attracted to the shy types knew how to read that subtle language of love, chances are that the fairytale romance between a dashing prince and his coy princess will become a reality. Here are some right moves to make while pursuing your demure damsel.
Tips For Attracting Quiet Girls
Given here are some interesting tips on how to win the heart of your quiet dream-girl.
The First Impression Is A Lasting One
Do not keep bumping into her. If you want to make an impression, make it in the very first encounter. It is important to look clean and decent and have an enchanting smile on your face. Never let even a flicker of nervousness or awkwardness show on your face. You should make her feel like a princess in the first meeting, letting her know how special she is to you. Brush up your acting skills, if that is what it takes!
Greet Her With Flowers
No girl will normally ever say ‘no’ to being greeted with a bunch of pretty fragrant flowers. Roses - the symbol of love - make just the statement. Quiet girls can be very sensitive and they find happiness in the smallest of things. Unlike the general perception about their more flamboyant counterparts, quiet girls usually do not demand expensive gifts. (at least not till love has blossomed quite seriously between both of you!)
Start A Conversation
Remember, she is fighting shy of too much attention, so be the first one to break the ice. You can start off the conversation with a simple ‘hi’ or a casual ‘hello’. After introducing yourself, you can move on to other engaging topics without appearing to test her grey cells! Choose topics wisely while chatting.
Find Good Topics To Discuss
Taking to a shy person is never easy, so identifying her favorites well before you launch into a deep tete-e-tete will help you avoid blunders. Comfortable, and not overt, is the word to remember. Never make her feel awkward with you. Talk about the things of mutual interest. Why not start by asking her about her hobbies or movies? When views match, it is much easier to strike up an interesting conversation. Common likes and dislikes can help you both get along like a house on fire in no time!
Golden Silence
Respect her silence! Do not embarrass her by getting nervous in front of her. Try to look cool and calm. This will put you at ease with each other. Do not force her to open up; silence in itself is a beautiful language, if only you make the effort to decipher it.
Funny Anecdotes
Girls love to giggle, if not always to laugh out loud. There is always scope for humor in a conversation and a little bit of exaggeration never hurts anybody. Just keep her happy and entertained. Girls love guys with a funny bone but you should always weigh your words well before uttering them, staying well within the limits of decency and avoiding regret.
Lead Her
She may take much longer in feeling comfortable around you, so the last thing you want is for her to have to make the effort to seek you out. She might much rather have you make not just the first but probably many more of the subsequent moves too, so you have to keep the ball rolling at every prolonged pause or halt.
Give It An End To Remember
Remember that you may not exactly be on a date with the girl you fancy, so grab the chance to ask her out now and do not leave before confirming that. Give her your phone number, and, if she can take it, a small goodbye kiss on her cheek may not be all that odd!  If that is not enough, you can even give her a small gift as a sign of your feelings before leaving!

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