Investing in a green home office is the best way to save energy and resources, and also reduce your carbon footprints. Explore the article to know how to make your home office green.

How To Make Your Home Office Green

Having a home office is the first step for going towards a green future. It saves you the trouble of going to office daily, and in the process, you not only save a lot on travel costs but also cut down on your carbon footprint. However, just staying away from creating vehicular pollution is not enough. The threat to the earth is so pressing that you must remodel your working, and home life in creating an eco-friendly way of living. So, once you have decided to go for a home office the next step should be to make it such that it is in complete harmony with nature. Having a green home office is always beneficial in the long run, and it will also save you enormous amount of expense. Moreover, the green element will add an aesthetic touch to the entire office. To design a green home office doesn’t require you to hire an expensive interior decorator. The process is very simple, and with a few pointers to guide you, you can create an eco-friendly home office. The ultimate aim, as always should be to contribute your part towards making a sustainable future. Designing your green home office is surely a step forward in this direction. If you are looking towards building a green home office, then read below to know more on how you can go about it.
Tips On Making Environment Friendly Home Office 
  • Bamboo is nature’s best renewable resource. It is amazing on the number of ways that you can make use of bamboo. On top of that, bamboo products are easy on the eye as well as sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them every year. For your home office, you can use furniture made of bamboo. Bamboo chairs and tables will provide an aesthetic beauty to the office. Nowadays you can also buy bamboo charging stations and even external hard disks.
  • Paint your office with lead free paint. You can also find paints that are certified as eco-friendly. Go for those as they do not emit any toxic and also are made using natural procedures so the making of those paints do not harm the environment. Always go for low or no volatile organic paints. Paints with volatile organic compounds are harmful to the environment as well as your health.
  • Use electrical appliances that are made from recycled materials. These appliances will be free from any harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your health and environment.
  • Use energy efficient lighting like CFL’s. These reduce your power consumption and other than contributing towards saving the environment, you can also cut down on the costs. Unplug all the gadgets when you are not using the office.
  • If you are using a photocopier in your office then don’t dump empty cartridges in the garbage bin. Cartridges can cause severe damage to the environment. Instead, collect the cartridges and send them for recycling.
  • Use solar power to power your office electrical equipments. This will help you to save a lot of energy.
  • Keep at least two wastebaskets. In one, throw all the items that can be recycled like paper and in the other throw rest of the junk. Collect the waste that can be recycled and send to any company that specializes in recycling.
  • For floors, you can go for bamboo and cork flooring. In addition to being inexpensive, these types of floorings are also toxic free. If you want to use carpets then go for those carpets that are made from organic materials and untreated wool. In cold climes to save on heaters you can have wall-to-wall carpeting to keep the heat inside. Similarly, you can build your office with hollow bricks, which will keep the room cool.
  • The best source of eco-friendly light is the daylight. Use more of natural light by installing skylights or construct wide windows. If the office is in the basement then it is better to invest in solar powered light.
  • All your office supplies should be 100% natural. They should be made from recycled and organic materials. Try to reuse your office supplies as much as possible. So, it is better to avoid using use and throw items.

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