If is the relationship a long distance one, chances of it being a romantic one are likely to be quite compromised! Here’s how you can be in a long distance relationship, and still be romantic.

How To Be Romantic In A Long-Distance Relationship

“Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and blows up the bonfire.” Anyone who believes in true love is sure to plaudit the words of the great French author, Francois de la Rochefoucauld. True relationships are hard to find and happy long distance ones are among a rarity. Ever so often, lovers had to cross the seas to fight for their country, leaving their beloveds home. On their return, they found their beloveds patiently awaiting their arrival even after years of separation. But that was history. Now, with time, everything has changed - even the love in modern day romances. It is no longer that easy to keep long distance relationships ticking unless you really work towards them. People have started believing more in the reality of things than illusions and promises, so unless you are physically around, it is hard for a relationship to survive. Check out some romantic ideas for long distance relationships.
Romantic Ideas for Long Distance Relationships
Long or short, you can keep your relationship quite romantic and happening if you are serious about your feelings.
Virtual Romance
Everything from dating to marriage can go virtual, so why not a fruitful romance? One of the many advantages of the internet is in keeping long distance relationships safely and firmly in place. Even if you are not meeting your lover in person you can stay virtually available and convey how much you both love and care for each other over the broadband. Make the most of all computer facilities you can lay your hands on - like a webcam or the speaker phone – to keep the fires burning. Blow virtual kisses and it is sure to create just the impact you wanted it to.
Telephonic Conversation
If it wasn’t for Graham Bell, many lovers would have parted ways. The ubiquitous mobile phones of the day are the next best thing to have happened to love. Cheap as they are, they provide an instant mode of communication between paramours. Talking is the best way you to stay connected with your partner. Not only talking, but listening, also, should be a part of the effort. It should be a two-way street and remember, there is no better way to convey your innermost sentiments towards your lover than through a heartfelt sharing of emotions. The magical words “I love you” will ring so true at the end of such conversations.
Love Notes
Remember, almost all historical love stories have love letters integral to the saga. Snail mail has long withdrawn from the public arena, but even so, there is nothing more inspiring and delightful than a beautiful letter that so evocatively expresses your love for your beloved. Send romantic cards with beautiful words and sincere feelings.
Shower Compliments
‘Your eyes are lovely, you dress well…’ – compliments that might seem unimportant or a tad impossible to convey in a long distance relationship, but it is a compliment nonetheless, with the power to change things. Who wouldn’t like a compliment every once in a while and that too from that special person in your life? A compliment can make things work, and ease the burden of misgivings and misunderstandings so common in long distance romances. So do not hesitate to compliment your love the next time you catch up with each other on the phone.
With respect comes love and with love comes respect. Each is incomplete without the other. Once you are in a relationship, your partner has to have an agreeable position in your life and decisions that your take in your life. Give your partner a chance to come up with his/her opinion about the decision that you need to take. This will not only make your partner feel proud of you but also mighty pleased about being in a relationship with you.

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