Getting to work on time is crucial to set an appropriate image and keep yourself in the good books of your boss. Explore the article to find tips on how to avoid being late for work.

How To Avoid Being Late For Work

It is your overall performance that counts most in determining your credibility in the company. However, apart from work performance, there are two other factors that measure the credibility of an employee, discipline and dedication. Being late to work is one of the main grounds of indiscipline. There are various reasons as to why a person gets late to work, some of them being oversleeping, traffic jam and everyday morning chores. While reaching office late occasionally is okay, problem arises when you are late on a continual basis. Remember, most of the people in the world lose their job because of reporting late to the workplace on a daily basis. You should realize that securing your job becomes very significant, as the management will tolerate repeated delays. Given here are few tips that will help you save those precious minutes and reach to work on time. Read on to know them.
Tips On Getting To Work On Time
  • Prepare your clothes the night before. This includes choosing, washing and ironing the clothes. What worse can it be to take time out to iron the clothes, while you reach late to office? So, the best would be to do this well ahead of time.
  • Prepare the other things required for work, such as purse, cell phone, laptop or briefcase in the night itself. This will prevent you from running helter-skelter in the morning, since they can be easily misplaced.
  • Set your car ready. Get the fuel tank filled on a weekend and if at all you have to get it refilled on a weekday, get it done on your way back home in the evening. Keep your car maintained to avoid unexpected breakdowns on the way to work.
  • Set two alarms, one at the bedside and the other at the other end of the room. Set the alarms at a gap of about 5 minutes. This will ensure that you do not fall asleep again after you switch off the alarm at your bedside.
  • On working nights, go to bed early to get enough sleep. This will prepare you for the next day as you will be able to get out of bed early and feel refreshed.
  • Keep enough time in hand to do the daily chores. Wake up the kids early so that they are ready on time and make sure that all the members have their breakfast at the same time. This would save you additional time which is lost on preparing breakfast for one person at a time. 
  • Leave your home 30 minutes before your scheduled time to drop kids to their school on time and encounter the routine traffic. You can find alternate route to get to work with less traffic.
  • Try limiting your distractions in the morning by turning off the television and radio. Do not indulge with chatty family members and let them know that you are getting ready for work. Also, avoid answering any non-emergency phone calls or text messages. These few crucial minutes can help you get to work on time.

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