Do you get cold feet every time the question of commitment pops up? If yes, then dealing with the problem is imperative. Read the following tips on how to deal with commitment phobia.

How To Deal With A Commitment Phobia

You are head over heels in love with this guy, but then what’s stopping you from committing to him? Commitment phobia is a growing trend, that’s plaguing more and more relationships today. Call it a phobia or plain insecurity, today more and more people are game for short flings and night-stands than serious relationships. So, what’s causing people to wince away from long-term commitments? Well, the reasons are quite a few and it might take an age to explain this. However, the most common symptoms for this is usually seen as troubled past, terrible relationships and love for freedom. The greatest challenge to one’s love is when the other person refuses to give in. All the planning does little to overcome the hitch then. If you are one of those people who enjoy the chase better than the real game, it is time you took a reality check on your phobia. Commitment phobia comes with tell-tale signs of wariness and dealing with it isn’t a tough bet, only if you know how. Here are some useful guidelines to get over your fear and apprehensions. Read on to know more on this and overcome your phobia.
Tips To Deal With Commitment Phobia   
Fear Factor
The very fear of commitment often lets off a more serious apprehension on love ties, often sparked off by off-putting events and impressions that usually leave men and women sour on the idea of love and marriage. While men get skeptical on the idea of losing their independence or having to stick to one partner for ever, women find it a pain to move on against troubled relationships, terrible ex-partners and so on. Before you choose to jump out of a relationship next time, pause to consider what’s getting you cold feet each time. While a change in attitude is likely to help you deal with your minor differences, graver apprehensions might need a careful counseling.
Move On
Agreed, a wrong relationship can leave one extremely bitter and wary! But isn’t life about moving on after all? Learn to get over your inhibitions and apprehensions and make a fresh start. Put your past behind and move on to make a new beginning. Just because one man/woman dumped you doesn’t necessarily mean that others won’t prize you. Pucker up your waning trust and go and grab the one meant for you. The effort will indeed be worth it!
Slowly & Steady
Have you been into a series of failed relationships that has left you quite jittery on the fairytale idea of love and marriage? Well, that maybe because you were too quick to give your heart to someone, who didn’t deserve it in the first place. One wrong relationship can often get you dabbling with more hearts, thus leaving you embittered and frustrated. Take it slow. Allow your heart to heal before you get on to the track to find your ultimate match. Take time to know the person before handing out your heart. In that way, you won’t have to battle heartache for days to come.
Love, Don’t Expect!
Expectations, expectations and more expectations - is there any end to what you want from you partner? Ask the most disillusioned one in love, and he will tell you how he expected things to work out, before it went kaput? The secret to the most wonderful relationships is to let it be and evolve with time. The more you try to saddle it with wants, the more it will sink.
To Be Or Not To Be
Are you hooked to this guy, but finding it extremely difficult to commit? Well, in that case, it is important to acknowledge your feelings to the person. Instead of bottling up your emotions, let it flow. Confess to your partner about your inhibitions and see how he/she reacts. If the person truly loves you, he/she will understand and wait till you are ready to commit.
Accept & Live
All relationships come saddled with their own flips and flops and you need to take everything in your stride to make sure your relationship lasts. No one is perfect. So, stop digging for perfection from your partner and accept things the way they are. Don’t crib about everything. Try to focus on the brighter side of things. This will shoo away all your apprehensions for sure!
Esteem Yourself
Not all relationships have a fairytale ending! But that shouldn’t stop you from taking a plunge.  Happy marriages do exist out of the pages of fairytale books. All it takes is little bit of courage to shun your inhibition and make a move. Learn from your past mistakes and use them to boost your new alliance. This will surely turn things in your favor!

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