Have you ever wondered how to deal with a neighbor or a child that has been annoying the whole neighborhood? In this article, we tell you how to deal with them.

How To Deal With A Bad Neighbor

Growing population means living close to someone. Most of the time, neighbors establish good relationships, but having bad, noisy and hellacious neighbors can be a menace. While good neighbors turn out to be a big help and become your friends, bad ones can get under your skin and boil your blood. Most of the times, such neighbors can be extremely hard to deal with. Everyone has or has had a bad neighbor at some point of time, at times so bad that they wanted to move out of the neighborhood. However, you do not have to pack up and move to a new place. Rather, try dealing with the situation effectively. In case you are looking for strategies on how to deal with bad neighbors, consider the following tips.
Dealing With A Bad Neighborhood
Approach Your Neighbor
Sometimes, the solution is as simple as talking to your neighbors and making them understand your point of view. They might not have even realized that what they are doing is wrong and troubling you. You can try talking to them amicably and putting across your problems. However, make sure never to threaten them or talk harshly, as it might make matters worse.
Write a Letter
If communicating with your neighbors has not worked out, pen down a formal and detailed letter. Keep the tone of your letter humorless and be genial in your comments. Do not use threat or abusive language in your letter; instead mention association or community guidelines, if any.
Contact the Authority
If talking to the neighbors does not work, you can inform the concerned authority about the same. For example, if it’s loud music that is bothering you, you can contact on the non emergency police numbers. Likewise, you can inform the concerned authorities who are responsible for maintaining proper code in the society.
Talk To Your Landlord
If you are living on rent, you can ask your landlord to talk to the neighbors and put an end to the problems being created. If you aren't at fault for the problems caused, then the landlord would surely be in a condition to solve the matter and make things right.
Muster Support
Get other neighbors with you and talk to the person responsible for the menace. This would reiterate the fact that he is annoying not just you, but the whole neighborhood.
Legal Action
If it is the pets of your neighbors annoying you, put up a fence so that they cannot trespass on to your property. If your property is damaged, you can contact the local authority and lodge a report for the same. You can even consider suing your neighbors, but only under extreme circumstances.
Moving Out
If everything else fails, you might even considering move out of the neighborhood. Use this last resort only if you are troubled to the extent that you just cannot stay at your present home any longer, as it has become extremrely bothersome to do so.

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