Dealing with difficult roommates can be an intricate problem, if you are absolutely clueless about the measures. Read this article to get tips on how to deal with a difficult roommate.

How To Deal With A Difficult Roommate

As if staying miles away from the house is not enough of a trauma, a difficult roommate is sure something that none of us would ever wish to live with.Imagine, doing all the daily chores single handedly (which of course you never did in your house) and still enduring all the temper-tantrums of the person!! Even worse can be the case, when the person you are living with is inconsiderate of your feelings and emotions. It is considered lucky to have a helpful and understanding roommate, but not all of us are blessed. However, things can change by following a few simple measures. These measures would not make the two of you absolutely compatible, but would be effective enough to avoid any kind of friction and who knows, the two of you can transform from being fighting-buddies to loving friends! In the following lines, we have provided tips on how to deal with a difficult roommate, just for you.
Dealing With Difficult Roommates
Set The Rules
Remember, it is never too late to set the rules in the room/house. This prevents the other person from behaving badly and also gives him/her a clear knowledge of his/her boundaries. Also, let the other person know that the place is essential for the two of you and that no third person (especially those of the opposite sex) is allowed in the room. In case your roomy still persists with the same attitude, call in the landlord and let him/her intervene and sort out the matter.  
Make A Chart
House chores represent one topic due to which fights usually take place. While life becomes easier when the chores are divided, some people really fail to understand this. Consult your roommate and make a daily chore chart. Right from doing the cleaning to washing the dishes; distribute all the chores equally and tell him/her to follow what is written in the chart. This would avoid any clashes, as each person would know what his /her work is for the day.  
Set Up A Flexible Schedule
It is extremely important to have adjustments from both the ends, if you and your roommate have opposite schedules. This would avoid clash and help both of you understand each other in a better way. Setting up a flexible schedule also helps in cases when both the roommates are of extreme nature i.e. if one is a social buff and the other prefers isolation. For instance, in case your roommate is bringing in a friend along, let him/her inform you in advance.
Respect Each Other’s Schedule
The two of you should respect each other’s schedules. For instance, if you and your roommate have different working hours, understand the other person’s need for sleep or relaxation, when you might be up and in mood for fun. This would strengthen your bond and would help in making the two of you compatible. Do not make noise or do something that makes the other person feel uncomfortable.
Sit Down & Talk
They say communication solves all problems. Instead of showing aggressive behavior or passing rude comments subtlety, resort to talking to each other. Who knows, just by discussing the problem, you might be able to get rid of it. Do not be authoritative while talking. Remember, the other person is paying equal rent and is entitled to a comfortable living environment. Talk to each other amiably and discuss ways to avoid problems in future.
Note: If none of the tips mentioned above works and your partner continues to be adamant about his/her ways, just change your lodging. Remember, he/she is just not worth the pain!!

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