If you are having a tough time in office because of your nagging boss, we bring you the guidelines on dealing with the situation. Read on to explore tips on how to deal with a difficult boss.

How To Deal With A Difficult Boss

Work is fun if you have a pleasant working atmosphere, with an understanding boss. However, many of you may not be that lucky. In your career, you may have to come across one or more dominating and nagging bosses. You cannot be aggressive and impulsive while dealing with your boss, as it can ruin your job aspects. Here, the need is to be really tactful. You should find out a way that saves from his screaming and shouting and at the same time, maintains your job security as well. We bring you some helpful tips on how to deal with your difficult boss. Go through them and find your problems being solved soon enough.
Dealing With A Difficult Boss 
  • If your boss uses verbal abuse or ridicules you, remain calm for the moment. Never be emotional in tackling such a behavior of your boss. Do not react, but simply acknowledge your boss’ power. If you too react wildly in this situation, it will be a challenge to the ego of your boss. Your emotional reaction will inspire him to do further attacks on you. If you are calm and repose, he will not find any scope to continue his abuses and criticism.
  • Do not confront your boss when he shouts at you. Instead, have an attitude to discuss your shortfalls with your boss later on. Your boss may not be happy with your work and that is the reason why he is shouting at you. Discuss with him what he expects out of you and seek his advice for improving your performance. This will not only end his anger, but also please him about your willingness to learn from your mistakes.
  • Many-a-times, it happens that you get a new manager who wants things to be done in a way that is different from the earlier ways. In such cases, have a fruitful discussion with him about how your main boss wants the things to be done. Discuss together to arrive at a common solution. This will help you in avoiding any future conflicts.
  • You can form a group that consists of colleagues who share similar views as yourself. Your dominant boss can scream at you, but he will appear insensible if he turns against a whole group. This is an apt weapon to disarm your complaining boss.
  • Always be professional in your work area. Wear the look of professionalism in office, irrespective of your opinion about your boss. The boss is neither a part of your family nor your friend that you need to love him. Take his words as a part of your job and get them done. Carry out his instructions as your duty and never get into judging the personality and behavior of your boss.
  • Always examine yourself to find out if any of his criticism is actually true. In this regard, you can take the help of your colleagues, with whom you share a close relation. In case you discover your drawbacks, always make attempts to rectify them. This approach will certainly please your boss.
  • Look for good points in your supervisor and occasional praise him/her for them. Instead of constant grumbling, learn to admire the goodness in your boss. This will improve your boss’ opinion about you.
  • In case you have a nagging supervisor, never go to the main boss to complain about him, unless it is the last resort. Sort out the problems by yourself as much as possible. You can always sit down and discuss the issues with him. If you go to the boss directly, without speaking out to your supervisor, he will consider this action as backstabbing and this can ruin your present job as well as your career.
  • Always maintain the habit of documenting all your interactions with your boss. You should maintain the record of your achievements and the praise your boss had showered on you. In case he shouts at you any time in the future, you can just use these documents to remind him of your worth.
  • If you realize that no efforts from your side can really help in changing your boss’ attitude, just leave it like that. Some people are stubborn by nature and are resistant to change. In this case, just do your work and avoid thinking deep on your boss. You can also think about looking for a change. However, make sure you get through another job before quitting this one.

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