It is very important to make your boss notice you, if you want to get ahead in your career. Go through this article and explore tips on how to get noticed by your boss.

How To Get Noticed By Your Boss

Gone are the days when hard work alone was enough to get you a reward. Now, a person who does something good, but fails to get it noticed, is considered foolish. In a large organization, it is almost impossible for your boss to be aware of your efforts, unless of course, you work under his nose. However, it is very important to get noticed by the person who will eventually sign your salary check and would consider you for the raise and/or promotion. So, how to get him to notice you? Hard work is one way, but when you are not the only one working hard, what to do? Thinking about cartwheels, screaming, fighting? Well, these things may put you on the visible map, but would surely not get you in good books of anyone, leave alone the boss. Here, we have compiled a list of traits, which you need to incorporate within you, to get on the map of successful career. Read on and know how to get noticed by your boss.
Tips To Make Your Boss Notice You
Take Initiative
You need to take initiative, in order to get noticed. It may be in the form of talking to your colleagues, giving new ideas or even taking each and every responsibility that comes your way. Be the first to get in line for something that gives you a chance to get noticed, constructively.
Manage Your Time
Time management is one of the most important keys of success in anyone’s career. To step up the ladder, make it a mantra of your life. Word hard and efficiently, finish your assignments on time and give priority to your work. Come early and leave late. Staying late for even half an hour will be helpful. All this is certain to get you noticed.
Make Your Boss Look Good
Never, in any condition, badmouth your boss. Promote the good work done by him/ her and never participate in something that can mar your boss’s reputation. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to lick his feet. Just make sure that the person you are working for feels that you admire him.
No Gossip
Don’t participate in any gossip. If it gets overheard by your boss or reaches him otherwise, it will ruin your reputation. However, you can always make the office politics work in your favor. Work on building a network of supporters and you will get ahead in your career.
Be A Team Player
Unless you are a team player, you cannot be considered for any promotion. Think about it in this way, if you don’t have a good rapport with all the people in your office, how you will be able to get the work done without any hitch. If people don’t like you, they won’t work for you and this will minimize your future prospects. Help others and they will help you in turn.
Make Your Presence Felt
How can you make your presence felt? You can do so by volunteering for work that no one wants to take and then excel in it. Actively participate in extracurricular activities. Be punctual, rather be early and stay a little late. Be proactive and work hard. These qualities are enough to get you noticed by your superiors.
Sometimes, you are not considered for a raise or a promotion, as the boss is not aware that you are the right candidate. Communication is the key element here. Having proper communication with all kinds of people in your office will keep you on the visible map. If you get time, have meetings with your boss, formally or otherwise, and let him know about the progress of the work you are doing.
Be A Leader Than A Follower
A leader is the face of the followers. If you want to get ahead in your career, you need to show the traits of a leader. Develop the leadership qualities in you. Take initiatives and work for the betterment of the organization.
Stay Updated
Be updated of all the happenings in your organization. You don’t have to be a part of gossip gang to do that. Proper communication will ensure you of all the updates. If you can, go the extra mile and check the updates of the rival organizations too and make sure that you are the first one to inform your boss of the same.

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