Keep your romance alive in the chilly winters, by planning a romantic date with your partner. You can make your loved one feel special, with the creative and romantic winter date ideas given here.

Romantic Winter Date Ideas

Winter is the season when the weather turns crisp and chilly and visions of warm fires and steamy cups of hot chocolate begin to swim in our mind. With the onset of the festive holiday season, the ambience becomes gay and colorful. Though the white snowflakes bestow the surroundings with a fabulous look, many people prefer to stay indoors most of the time. They fail to take advantage of the chilly weather that has a romantic touch in it. This winter season, don't let the snowfall limits your dating ideas. Rather, use the white beauty to come up with creative and innovative romantic winter date ideas and make ample use of the season.
Planning A Romantic Winter Date 
  • Snowfall does not necessarily mean that you will restrict yourself inside your home. If you live in an area where it snows, take your date out and act like kids again. Go someplace where you can make snow forts or snowmen and throw snowballs at each other. You can relive the fun and frolic of your childhood days only in the company of your loved ones.
  • If you are an outdoor person and the snowfall does not stop you from venturing outside for a date, a good option is to go for sledding. It will give you the chance to be close to your date, while riding in the same sled, behind each other. However, do make sure to you keep yourself and your date warm, in order not to catch cold.
  • One of the simplest, but the most romantic, winter date ideas would be to bundle up with your date and take a walk through the snow, especially if you are sick of staying indoors.
  • Explore a nearby beach and arrange a private bonfire with your love. Pack some food and carry some warm quilts. Enjoy the beauty of the beach, while warming yourself in front of the bonfire, with only your loved one, and no one else to bother you.
  • Winter season is meant for ice-skating. The people who stay at a place where it snows, going for ice-skating and skiing with their date is a good idea. Both of you can enjoy time together, amidst the white winter scenery, and burn some calories as well.
  • Have a walk or take a drive at the streets decked up with Christmas lights and decorations. You will be amazed at how romantic it feels, when your date is by your side.
  • If your date is a person who loves sports, you can take him/her for an exciting match. It will allow you to stay together and be entertained simultaneously.
  • You can also catch up a play or a movie at a nearby place. Offer your date with some food for thought while being together.
  • You can also arrange for a cozy dinner date. Have fun at home, pamper your taste buds with gourmet foods and then snuggle under a warm quilt and enjoy some of your favorite movie or television series.
  • Arrange for a marathon movie session. Pretend that here’s heavy snowfall outside and you cannot go out. Assemble some of the choicest movie DVDs and watch them back to back, cuddling each other and enjoying popcorn.
  • Plan for a weekend getaway trip, where you can be alone with each other. Enjoy the day sightseeing and the night by the hotel fireplace.
  • Engage your date in treasure hunt. Drive to different locations and let your date guess the next spot, with the help of the clues you offer. It will allow you to be together, enjoying a drive in close proximity.

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