Lunch date is a romantic way to know more about each other. Here are some of the best tips ideas for planning a lunch date, which will help make the occasion a special one.

Lunch Date Ideas

Lunch is something that we have been indulging in throughout our lives, on a daily basis and probably, even around the same time. However, it becomes special when it turns into an occasion to meet someone special, in particular your date. Meeting a date for lunch is, in fact, a very fun and relaxing way to know more about each other. The mood during the time instantly becomes light and less serious. It is always better to go for a lunch date that is fully pre-planned or at least a tentative one, so that you are able to prepare a bit in advance. Given below are some tips for planning a romantic lunch date, which will help make your time thoroughly enjoyable.
Lunch Date Ideas
Arranging a picnic lunch date is a bright idea, particularly when the weather is cool and pleasant. Pack a lunch and head to the nearest park. Some sandwiches, soda bottles and a few snacks, along with a dessert, are enough to fill up your picnic basket. Pair the basket with wine tote and get ready to have a special lunch date!
Beach lunch date is a thrilling experience. A blanket, sunscreen and a big umbrella are what you have to keep handy. As for the food basket, hot dogs and burgers will work fine. Ask your partner if he/she likes seafood and include it in your menu. The waves and cool sea breeze with make the perfect backdrop for your romantic lunch date!
If you prefer to have lunch date at your place, a movie will serve as the best precursor. A comedy flick will serve as a good way to break the ice, by including humor into your lunch date. So, we suggest you to go for sitcom movies. Moreover, a movie will also give you something to talk about. Get ready to enjoy a lunch date at your private sanctuary!
Q&A Date
Totally a different concept, it is one of the best ideas for a lunch date. It fits into any situation and is very simple. All you need to do is write down a list of questions and ask your date to do the same. As the meal starts, take the slip and answer the questions one by one between bites. It is a fun way to know more about your date, without making him/her feel as if you are interrogating.  
Potluck Date
Potluck date will be a unique and exciting experience for both of you. It also gives you a chance to show off your culinary skills. You can get two dishes; say the appetizer and main course, while your date gets the dessert and the wine. Arranging a lunch based on equal contributions will serves as a catalyst to kick-start the conversation.

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