Preparing for a hurricane is essential to save yourself from the natural calamity. If you are wondering how to prepare for a hurricane, read on and find some effective tips for the same.

How To Prepare For A Hurricane

Hurricanes are dangerous and can cause immense damage. Hurricane season usually lasts from June to November and can be a panicky time for the people residing in areas that are prone to the natural calamity. However, rather than becoming anxious about the situation, it is better to be prepared for it. This would ensure that you keep your nerves even in the worst of situations. Preparing for the hurricane would also ensure that you and your loved ones do not end up suffering damage that could have been avoided. If you are looking for tips to prepare for a hurricane, go through the ones listed below.
How To Prepare For A Hurricane
Early Planning
It is very important for you to plan before the start of the hurricane season. Safety precautions taken early would lessen the adverse effects. Certain things that you need to collect before the hurricane season are: wood - to board up windows and a generator - to supply power in the event of an outage. It is often noted that generators become short in supply when hurricanes are expected. Buying before hand also ensures that you do not end up paying steep price.
Evacuation Plan
Apart from arranging things that you would require in case of a hurricane, you also need to plan an evacuation. Make a list of the names of hotels and their phone numbers for reservation, in case you need to leave your place in an emergency. Plan the essentials that you would require to carry with you. Make sure that each person in your family knows his/her job in case of a crisis.
Handy Emergency Kit
An emergency kit is a must when you are preparing for an impending hurricane. If you had prepared an emergency kit last year, make sure to update it this year, in case there are missing things. Some necessary supplies include non-perishable foods, water, a flashlight with batteries, portable battery-operated radio and extra batteries, non electric can opener, cash, credit cards and, of course, strong shoes.
Plan For Pets
Like family members, pets are also a vital part of the house. It would be inhumane on your part if you make no plans for them. Ensure that the hotels you select allow pets as well. In case, pets are not allowed, contact your local society for information on animal shelters. Also have a pet emergency kit, containing pet food, veterinary records and leash.
Medicines are an important part of your planning. Pack all the essential medications when you prepare for a hurricane. Have prescriptions refilled at the beginning of hurricane season, so you have plenty of supply on hand. If you have a pet, don't forget to put in pet’s medicines in the kit as well.
Tune In To News
Be well read and follow the news strictly. Make sure you are aware of any changes in the direction, intensity, or path of the hurricane. It is very important to keep track of it, so that you are prepared for it. If the news recommends you to evacuate the place, don't ride out the storm. Follow it.

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