Do you face difficulty starting a conversation? Are you looking for ways to get over the problem? Read on further as we provide tips on how to start up a conversation.

How To Start Up A Conversation

Starting a conversation is not everyone's cup of tea. It might sound strange, but most of the people face difficulty when they have to start up a conversation. For such people, to come up with something to talk about, is extremely stressful. However, interacting with people is easy, once you know the right ways to start the discussions, irrespective of the place where you meet the person, be it in subway, elevator, supermarket or plane. The ability to start a conversation effortlessly and to carry it out is a quality which is inherent only in a few people, but can be developed by almost everyone. What you require is the skill to analyze people and situation as starting conversation depends a lot on the situation and the people involved in the conversation. There, the basic idea is to have a warm smile and make eye contact. If you are also one of those who keep looking for ways of starting a conversation, go through the following lines. Given below are tips to help you with the problem.

Tips & Ways of Starting A Conversation
  • To start a conversation, you should be aware of what is happening around you. When you are up-to-date with the current affairs, you will have a lot of things to talk about and can knowledgeably participate in discussions.
  • The best way to start a conversation is to be well-rehearsed. It is good to prepare in front of the mirror.
  • Be inquisitive in nature. It is noted that people love to talk about themselves - their success, their ambitions, their life, etc. Put questions to others, taking care not to get too intrusive or personal.
  • Start the conversation with a compliment, but make sure that you offer a sincere one. Compliment if you like something about the person. However, play it safe and do not compliment on the looks or body of someone, in case he/she thinks it as derogatory. 
  • Observation is very essential for a communication to take place. Look around to find something interesting or unusual to talk about. Use this as a conversation starter.
  • If some opinion has been expressed by the other person, take it as an opportunity to talk further. You might agree or disagree with it. In both the cases, the deal is struck - conversation has started. You can either ask a question about it or offer an opinion, but do not let go of the opportunity.
  • Be confident about yourself. Have a smile on your face and look into the eyes of the person while talking. You should be positive about yourself. Even if you are not confident, act as if you are. This would make you appear relaxed and calm.
  • Practice conversing with people. Take initiative to talk to people when you are stuck up at different situations. With practice, you are sure to get better at starting conversations. While introducing yourself, use only the first name.
  • Ensure to keep the conversation going with small talks. Small talk does not include religion, politics, nuclear disarmament or criticizing anyone. Include topics such as a blog or a website, buying of a new car, gadgets, vacation plans, a newly fixed garden, a book which you have read recently.   
  • Keep the conversation light and simple which is essential for people who are trying to know one another better.
  • Avoid talking about weather unless there is something unusual about the climate and is worth conversing.
  • While conversing, ensure saying the name the other person every now and then. It helps you to remember her/him and is also an indication of mutual respect.
  • During the conversation, avoid topics such as religion, sex, world problems, philosophy, divorce and other sensitive issues.
  • Try to be casual in the conversation unless the person has an explicit scowl which says not to invade into the personal space.
  • Make sure you converse something or the other. No matter what the topic is, try to present it in such a way that it impresses your partner.
  • Never ask any personal questions such as, ‘what is your phone number?’ Instead ask the other person where he lives which is more specific and general.
  • Try being safe. Avoid talking to those people who look suspicious.
  • Before talking with the person, makes sure you observe his body language. Never initiate a conversation with someone who looks flustered or is busy.
  • React to the comments of the person in right spirit. If he or she cracks a joke, try to laugh even if it is not so funny. If he or she passes out some interesting information, react with surprise.  
 Starting a conversation is not that difficult if you comport yourself with confidence. However, while conversing, try to make an eye contact. If you get a good start, have a warm smile and make your way towards them.

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