Find out useful information and advice on social etiquette & good manners.

Wedding Reception Etiquette

Hosting a wedding reception entails a lot of planning and preparation. Also, etiquettes should be followed to make the event extremely special. Explore some wedding reception etiquettes.

Cell Phone Use In Cars

How many times have you seen a cell phone being used by the driver of a car? Gazillions of times! This article tells you how dangerous using mobile phone in cars can be.

How To End An Email

Social media can sometimes be a bother. How to end an email is a constant question on peoples’ minds. This article gives you some idea about ending an email correctly.

Cell Phone Rules

Overhearing someone else’s cell phone conversation is highly rude and bad-manners. Know the rules of mobile phone etiquette to avoid such misbehavior.

Bathroom Etiquette

There are certain etiquettes that should be followed while using a bathroom. Know the toilet etiquettes by glancing through the tips listed in this write-up.

How To Be A Gentleman

The characteristic of a gentleman is what is required in the world today, which is dominated by aggression and bad behavior. Read below to learn how to become a gentleman.

Ways To End A Letter

If you are struck with writers block whenever it comes to ending a letter, here is a comprehensive list on ways to end a letter for your aid. Just read on.

Etiquette Questions

Etiquettes are the basic unwritten rules that govern our life. Scroll further to know some useful etiquette questions.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

When sending over invites for a wedding, it is important to get the wedding invitation etiquette right. Surf through this write up for tips on wedding invitation etiquettes.

Black-Tie Etiquette For Women

Black-tie event calls for proper wear and etiquette. So, it would do you good if you were aware of the expected decorum of such events. To know more on black-tie etiquette for women, read on.

Proper Tipping Etiquette

You must be surprised to know that there are indeed certain criteria on giving the right tip for a service. Explore the article to know the proper tipping etiquette.

How To Write A Diplomatic Complaint Letter

A well-written letter is personal and influential and should attract the attention of the person or organization it is directed to. Read on for tips on writing a diplomatic complaint letter.

How To Write Personal Letters

Writing personal letters is more of an art than most of us realize, and the hallmark of a well-written personal letter is the friendliness and warmth that is communicated by its tone.

Wedding RSVP Etiquette

Wedding RSVP, and response cards have informal wording guidelines, as well as formal etiquette rules. Read the article for few tips.

How To End A Letter?

You’ve almost mastered the art of letter writing, but ending your letters almost always finds you in a spot of bother. Read on to gain knowledge on how to end your letters.

Apology Letter For Cheating

The best way to express your regret for cheating is to ask for forgiveness. Read on to know how to write an apology letter for cheating.

Different Types Of Handshakes

Different handshakes convey different meanings in social as well as work settings. Read the article to find out what are the different types/ kinds of handshakes

How To Successfully Engage In An Argument

When you land up in an argument, you would surely want to win it or at least not to hurt the other person. Here’s how to make any argument successful.

How To Write A Funeral Eulogy Speech

A eulogy speech should be such that it brings a picture of the departed in the minds of the audience. Explore the article below to know how to write a funeral eulogy speech.

How To Give A Compliment

A compliment should be spontaneous and sound straight from the heart. Read on to know how to give a good compliment.

Conference Call Etiquette

Conference call etiquette makes the calls seem more pleasant, run smoother and help avoid embarrassment. Read the article to know phone etiquette tips for conference calls.

Proper Funeral Etiquette

People are often judged not by how they behave at parties but on how they behave at funerals. Here’s all about proper funeral etiquette to be followed.

How To Comfort Someone After A Miscarriage

Every woman will have seen their yet to be born baby’s face in anything and everything they do. What if that child is not born? Help her overcome this phase of her life.

Characteristics Of Good Manners

The basic characteristic of good manners is that it teaches a person to be a ‘human’ in real terms. Read on to know more about characteristics of proper etiquette, helping you lead you a decent life.

How To Keep A Conversation Going

Making a conversation flow may be an art, but it is not as much a task as we think it may be. Here’s how to keep a conversation going.

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