The basic characteristic of good manners is that it teaches a person to be a ‘human’ in real terms. Read on to know more about characteristics of proper etiquette, helping you lead you a decent life.

Characteristics Of Good Manners

Manners are the basic things that make human beings cultured and civilized. People with good manners are always noticed and appreciated. It is true that no man can be absolutely perfect. However, one can definitely try to acquire some best qualities in order to get a pleasing personality. Good manners can be learnt and adapted more effectively through practical exposure, rather than by theoretical knowledge. Proper etiquette is a vast concept and it is impossible for anyone to list each one of them. Manners come into play in every walk of life, regardless of the type of person and the situation. Here, we bring you some of the major characteristicsthat make up good manners. Practice them yourself and also teach your kids to incorporate these manners in their lifestyle, to mould a well-natured human being out of them.
Characteristics Of Proper Etiquette
Be Polite
Learn to be polite and courteous in your behavior. Mind your speech and take care that you don’t hurt others by your words. Remember that words once said cannot be taken back. Offer help to all those people who need it. You need not do social work all the time, but small helps like holding the door for someone with hands full can definitely give you a pleasing personality.
Respect Others
Learn to respect the people around you. Do not discriminate amongst people on the basis of age, class, sex, caste, and such other social stigmas. Instead, treat everyone equally and spread love and humanity everywhere you go. Take care that neither your words nor your actions insult anybody.
Show Honesty
An old proverb goes as “Honesty is the best policy”. Make it the principle of your life as well and practice it rigorously. Remember that lies have no legs to stand on and so, always be true in what you say and what you do. Honesty gains trust and respect among other people.
Accept Responsibility
Being responsible for one’s own action is the trait of a well-mannered person. Never shy away from taking the responsibility of any of your deeds. Ensure that you fulfill the task given to you in time. Be responsible for your commitments and make it a point to fulfill them at any cost. Only by being responsible in the smaller tasks, you can make people trust you with greater ones.
Learn From Mistakes
Every situation has something good in it. If things are not going your way, try to figure out the drawbacks. Learn to admit your mistakes and be determined never to repeat them again in your life. If possible, also try to amend your mistakes. Apologize whenever you are at fault, instead of arguing to justify yourself.
Be A Patient Listener
Listening is a skill that can be acquired through regular practicing. Be a patient listener and make the people around you to confide in you. Avoid the temptation to interrupt while someone is speaking. You can always give your opinion, so better wait for the speaker to finish. Instead of looking for the debatable issues in every talk, try to look for positive points. Appreciate the speaker and encourage him to speak more.

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