Night outs expose you to certain risks that can be avoided, provided you take the necessary precautions for staying safe. Read the article to know how to stay safe on a night out.

Staying Safe On A Night Out

Nights outs may be very thrilling and adventurous, but they also expose you to certain dangers. Reports prove that the majority of violent crimes are carried out at night. Being out at night exposes you to unnecessary risks, though this doesn’t imply that you cannot enjoy night outs with your friends. All you need to do is take certain precautions and be alert, so that you don’t come across as a sitting duck to the hoodlums and criminals out there at night. You need to take some important steps to ensure your safety, particularly during the night time, if you are not within the safe environs of your home. Read the article to know some tips on staying safe on a night out.
How To Stay Safe On A Night Out
  • Make a plan of where you are going and stick to it. Being organized and well prepared will be of great help, in case you court any trouble on your night out.
  • Always let someone know where you are going and the approximate time do you expect to be back.
  • Instead of venturing in deserted parks and dark alleys, stick to well-lit and busy streets, even if it means you have to take the longer route. If the street is deserted, walk down the middle of the pavement.
  • Always carry a cell phone with you at all times. You should be able to call someone in case you are in trouble or there is an emergency.
  • Give a confident appearance. You should not come across as a vulnerable target to an assailant. If you can portray that you are not scared in any way, you are less likely to be attacked.
  • Make sure that you are traveling with a friend. The bigger your group, the safer you will be. A large group of people intimidates stray criminal and deters them from attacking. Also, you have people around to help in case you are hurt.
  • If you are traveling with valuable items, do not make it very evident to others. For instance, it is better to avoid a very expensive diamond necklace on a night out, especially if there are less people around. Women should take care not to carry a very heavy purse.
  • Try to avoid alcohol on night outs. In case you are drinking, make sure you are not sloshed, as this will make you more vulnerable to attacks.
  • You can consider carrying a personal safety alarm. You can ring the alarm to shock and disorient the attacker in the event of an attack.
  • In case you are confronted with hooligans or criminals, speak calmly but firmly. You become a natural target when you show that you are really scared. Attackers might leave you alone, if you come across as confident. Also, assure them that you will not cause them any harm after being released.

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