Nothing promises more fun in a nightclub than dancing away to glory. If you want to break down that shy attitude, just go through our helpful tips to learn how to dance at a night club.

How To Dance At A Club

Hitting a nightclub and dancing away to glory is no doubt one of the best ways to enjoy your evenings. Nothing promises more fun than shaking a leg with friends. Besides, with a couple of bottom-ups, you are all ready to move and groove. However, some people seem to prefer the comfortable couches in the clubs, rather than the dance floor. Apart from these couch potatoes, there is another group of people, who seem to assault the dance floor with their uncontrolled body movements. More often than not, they become the butt of jokes of many onlookers. To ensure that you play safe and smart in the dance floor, we have provided a few tips that will help you present that perfect jig at the club. 
  • Do not immediately hit the dance floor if you feel uncomfortable. First, relax your mind and inhale the atmosphere around. Try to bring yourself in sync with your surroundings.
  • Next, take a few swigs of your favorite drink. That does not mean you need to gulp, until you feel heady. Instead, unwind by taking a couple of sips that gives you that confident kick.
  • Now, watch the dance floor and initiate the dancing mood. Try to feel the music beat and see how the people are dancing. It will help you to set the mood.
  • After this initial phase of chair dancing, it is time to go and join the gang. If you still feel nervous, take a couple of friends along with you.
  • Once on the dance floor, create your personal zone, taking care not to march into others’ spaces.
  • Agreed, that hitting the dance floor means losing yourself. However, that does not mean you need to go wild and throw your legs and arms all around the place.
  • Strictly avoid shouting the lyrics of the songs while dancing. You will end up looking like an attention-seeking maniac.
  • Do some basic steps, and see that your torso is relaxed. You can utilize your foot- taps and hip-shakes to the maximum.
  • Do not pester the DJ with your personal requests after every couple of songs. Remember, he is a professional, who is there to keep the crowd moving, rather than catering to individual tastes.
  • Last but not the least, wear a smile. Do not put on an expression that makes you look like a dragged piece of an oddball on the floor. Be relaxed, be positive, and have loads of fun.

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