Wondering how to ask that guy to a dance? If yes, dump your inhibitions and get waltzing on the floor with these expert tips on how to ask a guy to a dance.

How To Ask A Guy To A Dance

You are out at a disc with your gal pals when your eyes catch notice of that cute guy sitting across the lounge and the next thing you know is that you want to reel and wheel in his arms. But how? Well, asking a guy to a dance shouldn’t really rack your nerves, more so if you are too sure of your waltzing skills. However, if you are more of a coy mistress, then the very thought of asking a guy out to a dance may send shivers down your spine. But girl, you need to understand that you win only when you need a thing badly enough for yourself. So if you think that the turnover party or the prom night is the best way to break the ice and get to know the guy you have been eyeing for quite some time now, then you have to notch up your confident self and pop the question. However, if you are too unsure about how to go about it, then the following expert tips should get you jigging with joy. Read on to pick your cue and get grooving.
Ways To Ask A Guy To A Dance 
  • Want to make a guy go gaga over you? Then all you need to do is tweak up your waltzing skills and ask him for a boogie. Your confidence is likely to get him on the floor in no time. Men like confident women. If you can’t help but fancy that cute guy sitting across the bar, just strut up to him, look straight into his eyes, flash your killer grin and pop the question. He is likely to tiptoe after you to the dance floor.
  • If you have your eyes and heart set on a certain guy and simply can’t wait for him to ask you out, then it would be better if you went ahead and asked him for a dance rather than wait for an eternity. It could be that the guy you have scoped out is too shy to ask you out. However, if you too are reluctant in approaching him in person, you can always ping him on your messenger list and ask him if he is doing anything at night and if he would like to accompany you to a dance. That should definitely break the ice for you guys!
  • However, if you aren’t too internet savvy, then you can always resort to the next best option - text messaging! But before that, make sure that you have his number on your index list. Just type in a sweet text asking him out for a dance and then sit tight for a response. He is likely to get back to you in a flash. On the flipside, texting may be the coolest and quickest way to communicate, but it can backfire at times, more so if the text is not delivered at the right time or if not delivered at all.
  • To make sure that there is no room for such errors, it’s always good to call him and find out if he would like to go to a dance with you. Buzzing him shouldn’t be difficult if you are already acquaintances. However, for new acquaintances, it would be better to strike a conversation before popping the proposal.
  • If you really wish to go waltzing with this guy but really don’t know how to ask him out, you could always consider leaving him a note. Just make sure you include your phone number and name on the note so that he can get back to you with his response. You can stick a note on his car’s windshield or drop a note at his pad too. However, before that make sure you get the address right. Or else you might find yourself waltzing around with the wrong guy on the disc floor.

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