There are many different ways for asking a man to dance with you. For helpful tips on how to ask a guy for a dance, read on.

Ways To Ask Guys To A Dance

So you have been eyeing this cute guy for while and even had the guts to strike up a casual conversation with him. A few meetings later, you feel like asking him out for a dance. Now the only problem is you want to make it special and don’t want to spoil it by becoming nervous. Have you been seriously racking your brains as to how to ask a guy to a dance? Well, we do not blame you! Conventionally it is the other way round, the guy asks out a girl and especially for the dance. So the fact that you’re feeling panicky about it is totally understandable. Relax and tell yourself that it is absolutely normal these days for women to be in the forefront. In fact, men quite enjoy that. This role reversal is working out very well for the fairer sex. In today’s time and era, if you want something then you have to go and grab it. So there’s a fair chance that the hottie that you have set your heart on will get stolen real soon. Let go of that self-consciousness and get those dancing shoes out of the cupboard. With our simple tips on how to ask out a guy for a dance that hottie is all yours. All you have to do is to follow these tips and do not forget to look like a diva to sweep him off his feet. He should not be able to resist you and for everything else, we are here. Read on.
Tips for Asking a Man to Dance
  • First of all, be confident but do not come across as cocky. There is a difference between being confident about yourself and coming across as arrogant. Put up a smile on your face, pull back your shoulders and look directly in the eyes of the guy and simply ask him. But you have got to do a bit of ground work before that. You have got to know him better and get familiarize with him. You can hang around him a bit longer than usual or may be go on friendly lunches with him. Try and create a rapport between him and yourself.
  • If you want to make it a bit flashy, do this. Take a stuffed toy, preferably a cute frog that has a crown. If it doesn’t, make one yourself with construction paper. Hang a small locket on its neck that says, “Of all the frogs in the pond, I want you to be my Dance Prince”. This might charm him. Do not worry about how this will come across; if he has even a little bit of affinity for you then he will have a positive reaction to it. He will think of you as a cheeky and funny girl and will like it.
  • The best way to approach a man to dance is by simply asking. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you barge in the question at one go. Strike up a casual conversation and on the pretext of discussing something music or dance, ask him if he would like accompany for a small dance. This should be done smoothly. Tell him that you like dancing a lot but you have not been able to go for dance for quite some time now because you did not have a partner. He will definitely get the hint and who knows he might offer to come along without you asking him at all.
  • We are sure that the hottie will say yes. Control yourself and don’t go around screaming your lungs out. Just keep your cool and say it would be great. Remember, it is alright for him to presume that you are interested in him but to show it yourself would mean too much of a disclosure. Do not show all your cards just as yet. The charm is in slowly revealing yourself to someone.
  • Next, decide on who will pick up whom or where will you meet. Decide on the venue and the time you would meet. Also, decide if you want to have dinner outside or just a few drinks and a dance. But do all of this very casually. Do not at any point sound pushy or too apprehensive. You have got to learn to relax and come across as very chilled about the whole thing. Your aim should be getting him to initiate the rest of the arrangements. Let him ask if you guys should do something after the dance or if he should pick you up. Of course you will have to ask all of that eventually if he does not ask you, but do give him chance.
  • In case the guy says no (we pray he doesn’t!), keep your calm and just find someone else who would love to dance with you. The mantra is to keep trying. Don’t get emotional and cry and call names. Imagine if the guy did that to you! After all you are a woman of panache and substance and there is not just one fish in the pond. Look around you, there must be many eligible options. It might not be because he does not like you that he turned you down, he could be committed somewhere else or does not want to get hooked up. So the key is not to take it personally and not to start doubting your self-worth. Keep trying girl!

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