Understanding guys is difficult especially when you have no clue how to go about it. Read on this article to know how to understand guys.

How To Understand Guys

Men are from Mars. Even though there have been books written on how much difficult it is to understand women; the truth is that it is equally difficult to understand men. Often they do things that baffle us and make us wonder “why’. It is very important to understand men not only to be able to crack the code of their language but also honing this valuable skill will help you deal with all the mixed signals which men make and give when it comes to dating and all other things, in a better way. Explore the following pointers to be able to decode the guys’ language and the ways to understand them.
Ways To Understand Men
They Mean What They Say
If they say something then they usually mean it. They only speak in code when they are uncomfortable to talk about something. Unless there is something big, don’t read between the lines as there is nothing to do so.
They Don’t Share Their Feelings
Most men go to ‘silent mode’ when it comes to sharing their feelings with you. If they say, they don’t want to talk about it, then don’t probe them to share it. They probably will share it to you, just give them some time. Unless they are extremely comfortable with you, you are less likely to hear their emotions. Men are brought up with a sense of control and that’s why they don’t like to share their feelings as it means prying into their inner world.
Territory Behaviors
Remember Ross in ‘FRIENDS’ how he sends Rachel gifts at her office to make sure that people know she has a boyfriend. It happens. Men are generally a little jealous and extremely sensitive about their territory. Moreover, they tend to get a little insecure and behave suspicious and jealous. When you are in a relationship and you want it to go further, inflate his ego and make sure he understand that you have eyes only for him. Don’t talk about your ex.
They Want To Be A “Man”
It may seem like compromising with the feminist streak but when it comes to being a man, he becomes a little chauvinist. If they think that you make them feel less of a man, they will not stay with you for long. So make sure that he knows that you respect and admire his manhood.
Tell Him What You Want
Men think just from their left-brains and women think from both. And thus the dispute arises. He will not understand your subtle hints and if you want something, you need to speak up. If you want a gift or you want him to do something for you, just say it.
Be Prepared For Touchy-Feely
Men like to touch and be touched. Therefore, if you don’t entertain the idea of anyone touching you, you are in trouble. He likes touching you and even may demand it from you. The best way to their heart is through loads of touches.
He Needs Space
Although a guy may demand all your time, he needs his man time to. All men want to be independent. Give him some time to spend with his guy friends and he will love you more. Although he may entertain the idea that you are dependent on him, never give him the notion of clingy.
Be With Him
You may love him a lot but if he doesn’t know it then there is no use. Tell him that you are there with him through thick and thin and see him falling in love with you once more.
He Wants Girlfriend And Not Wife
Men like to have a trophy girlfriend who they can parade in front of their friends. So even if you have been together for quite some time, don’t forget to spend some time on your makeup. After all, they are visual creatures.
Men Are Straightforward
Remember that men are straightforward and you will never have problems in your life. They appreciate women who are straightforward, loyal, and humorous. Learn to give overt directions, as they don’t take hints. Be confident and pay attention to him and you will get whatever you want.

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