Want to score with women? Looking for some ways of impressing them? If yes, then read this article and learn all about how to impress a woman.

How To Impress A Woman

You may be a man’s man or the alpha among all your friends. You may have cracked the code of success or dined and wined with the most influential people around the globe. However, if you don’t know how to impress a woman, your success story is still incomplete. You may have watched the movie “What women want” and wished you could hear the thoughts of women, just like Mel Gibson’s character in the movie. But, in reality, you are from Mars and the women you want to impress are from Venus. Still, impressing a woman is not a very tough task. Rather, it is quite easy, if you have the right tips handy. All you have to do is be really interested in her and follow the other pointers given below. Wait no more! Read the piece of advice given below and know how you can really impress a woman.
Ways Of Impressing Women
Be Attentive
Nothing wins a woman more than attention. And truly, most of the men have a problem with being attentive. However, if you want her to get impressed by you, be very, very attentive. Ask her about herself and make small talk. Ask open-ended questions, look into her eyes, and smile. Let her know that you are listening intently and having a good time with her.
Look Good
Women dig men who present themselves well. And clean, good looks are for your general hygiene as well. You don’t have to go for pedicures and manicures. Even well fitting clothes, with a common sense of hygiene, will do well.
Make Eye Contact
When you don’t make eye contact, you either come out as a cheat or a coward. However, an overly eye contact can make you look like an over-confident jerk. So, make eye contact when talking, but don’t leer and smile freely.
Be Funny
Everyone loves funny people, but no one likes sarcastic and crude jokes. Girls, in general, love people who can tickle their funny bones, in a subtle way. So, make smart jokes and see her getting impressed by you.
Compliment Her
Who doesn’t like to receive compliments? And when it’s a woman, it’s more like a payoff for the pains she has taken to dress up for you. Notice her hair, clothes, smile, etc and compliment on them. But make sure that you are genuine in your compliments.
Stop Trying
When you try too hard to impress, you make the least impression. So stop trying. Be casual and enjoy yourself. Unless you are in a comfort level, when with a girl, she is least likely to get impressed. And for that, you have to stop trying to impress her.
Be Confident
Sometimes, a nervous date can be cute. However, sweating in full air conditioner or shivering as if you have malaria will freak out any girl. How can you impress a girl when you are not even sure of yourself? Remember, with confidence, you can win over anyone. Women like men who are not insecure and are happy being themselves. Still, being confident doesn’t translate to being arrogant.
Be A Gentleman
All said and done, nothing can be more important than being a gentleman. The old saga of courtliness is still “IN”, so be a gentleman. Pick up the tab, open the doors and act suave and courteous. Staring and gawking are some of the behaviors you should steer clear of, if you want to be a gentleman and impress women.

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