Impressing your boss is not a hard nut to crack, provided you know the right ways of doing the same. Browse through this article and know how to impress your boss.

How To Impress Your Boss

There will hardly be any person in this world who would want his/her bosses to hate him/ her. All other lesser mortals want to be on the right side of the people who actually sign their pay packet. Although everyone wants to impress their bosses, very few people can actually be a charmer. Are you amongst the unfortunate ones? No matter how hard you try, does your boss seem to neglect you? May be the problem is that you are not trying the right way. Here are some tips for you to follow to get your boss to like you. Just go through them and know how to impress your boss.
Ways Of Impressing Your Boss
Know Your Boss' Priorities
First and foremost, know your boss' priorities. You may be doing an excellent job in a field, but if your boss doesn’t care about it, then it’s a waste. So, make sure you know your boss's precedence before you channelize your energy into it. Whatever it is, be ahead of the game and plan your move accordingly. Make your boss' priorities your own priorities and try to excel in them.
Meet Deadlines
No boss will ever like you if you are not good at your job. So, always be on time in doing your work. If you want to gain your boss' favor, then instead of giving your hundred percent to the work, give hundred and ten percent. Meet your deadlines well before they are due. An employee, who delivers his work perfectly, before time, can never go out of boss' good books.
Be Sincere
Be genuine and do your job sincerely. Pretence can never take you far. Never try to manipulate your boss. Remember, you cannot cheat a person several times. If you’re planning to have a long-term relationship with the organization, you have all the more reasons to be honest. Backbiting, bad-mouthing, infighting etc never take anyone ahead. Be a thorough professional and show integrity.
Use The Same Language
Try to be like your boss. That doesn’t translate into copying him/ her. If your boss is very punctual, try to be on time every day. Don’t take unnecessary leaves and always be prompt. If your boss wants everything organized, instead of making a mind note and briefing him in a casual chat, take a print out of everything important, document it, and present it to him.
Seek New Responsibilities
Be eager to handle new responsibilities. In the swarms of people who want to shed their responsibility, it will impress your boss that you want to take some more. Find the loopholes in your department before your boss notices them and offer to mend them. You are sure to get in your boss's good books and would find the reward in the paycheck as well.
Play Well With Others
It goes without saying; you need to be a team player. No person can go far alone. So, make sure that you share a good rapport with everyone at your office. Share responsibilities and even praises too. Your boss will certainly notice if you are amongst the most-liked people in the office. Show your boss your ability to guide, help and support others and you will guarantee your place in his heart.
Develop Credibility
When you develop credibility, people trust you and so will your boss. Be an expert in your field, learn something new everyday and become a “go-to” person. Execute with excellence any project given to you and you sure will become a trustworthy person. Be enthusiastic about your job and do any work given to you with passion. It will surely pay off.
Compliment Your Boss
Complimenting your boss doesn’t mean that you lick his butt. Actually, it is no different than complimenting people in your personal life. Don’t you compliment your wife when she looks beautiful? Don’t you praise your son for being first in his class? In the same way, find out ways to flatter your boss. However, never praise unnecessarily, as complimenting a boss is a delicate matter and buttering can give him a wrong signal. Be genuine in your praise and don't desist from that.

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