Telling your boss about your pregnancy is a surely a prospect that makes you feel nervous. In order to help you in the task, we have listed tips on how to tell your boss you are pregnant, right here.

How To Tell Your Boss You Are Pregnant

Getting pregnant is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman. The though of a little life growing inside you is simply overwhelming. You cannot simply wait for the nine months to get over and reward you with the 'little bundle of joy' in your arms. However, for working women, getting pregnant also involves the seemingly unpleasant task of informing their boss about the same. Many-a-times, they become unnecessarily tensed and nervous at the prospect. In order to help all such women out there, we have listed some tips on how to tell your boss you are pregnant. They will surely help them get started on the task.
Telling Your Boss About Your Pregnancy
When? Is The Question
The first question that arises in regard of your telling your boss about the pregnancy would be when? Most likely, the end of the first trimester of your pregnancy is the best time to communicate the news. However, you might want to pre-pone it if your job is very stressful or makes you come in contact with dangerous chemicals or if your pregnancy is not going smoothly. Make sure that the news is planned and doesn't come out all of a sudden.  
Decide The Place
You will also need to decide exactly where you intend to break the news of your pregnancy, to your boss. Doing so in the canteen, where there will be many people around the two of you; is surely not a good idea. You can ask your boss for an appointment in his/ her cabin or even grab a cup of coffee or quick lunch with him/ her. Just make sure that the place is a bit private and your boss is not in a rush or bad mood, when you are communicating the news.
Boss Is The First Priority
Make sure that your boss is the first person in the office to know about your pregnancy. Your colleagues, not matter how close they are, should not be your first priority. This is because; no matter how confined your colleagues promise to keep the secret, something is bound to spill up and reach the ears of the boss before you tell him/ her. At the same time, ensure that your symptoms (like morning sickness) don't tell you boss about the pregnancy, before you do.
Talk About Maternity Leave
Keep in mind the fact that when you tell your boss about your pregnancy, you will have to answer his/her questions about the maternity leave as well. He/ she will also want to know whether you plan to come back or not. So, decide all these things in advance. In case you are not sure about coming back to work, you will have to think whether you are going to tell your boss the same or just say that you are coming back and take some more time to decide.
Some Tips 
  • Before informing the boss of your pregnancy, it is good idea if you can outline a plan of what you will do to prepare someone to take over your work, if needed.
  • Do not be afraid. Getting pregnant, while you are working, is not a crime. It is the right of every woman and no one would fire you just because you are pregnant.

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