Hugging a girl you like comes across as one of the most common gestures that show you care. With the tips given in this article, you will be able to know how to hug a girl.

How To Hug A Girl

Have you ever felt like giving a comforting hug to your girlfriend, but held back because you did not where and how to begin? Hugging forms one of the most common gestures of showing the other person that you care about him/her. So, whether you have hardly gone out for a few weeks with your girl or have been with each other for years now, a hug will always help strengthen the bond that you share. In case you are hesitant in going ahead with the hug, the tips given here might prove useful. Go through the following lines and know how to hug a girl that you like or are in love with.
Hugging A Girl You Like 
  • In order to hug a girl, you first need to make sure that the ambience is right, so that she doesn't start feeling uncomfortable. Never ever even attempt to hug her in a crowded area or she might feel offended. Make such an attempt only when you feel that the environment is right, say a quiet street or park, where you are less likely to be disturbed.
  • Approach her with a bit of caution and lots of confidence. Look straight into her eyes and smile a little. Then ask her something trivial, like 'how was your day?' or even 'how did the office go today?'. Make sure that it is not a topic that will elicit a long response.
  • Now, lean your torso forward, towards her, and extend your arms. Pause for a few seconds and let her acknowledge this. If she doesn't, pull back for a second, just to make sure that she wants the hug as well. Remember, she should not feel as if you are imposing the hug upon her.
  • If she pulls back and doesn’t seem as if she wants the hug, adjust your extended arms and offer her a quick pat on the shoulder or back. If she seems interested, take a step towards her, so that your feet and her feet are nearly touching.
  • Now, go for the actual embrace, by placing your arms around her back, somewhere near her waist. Do not place your hands at inappropriate places. Her arms will either be around your waist or shoulders. You should lightly pull her towards you, making the hug firm, but gentle.
  • If you feel that she is up to it, you can make the hug more intimate. For instance, you can lightly rub her back, in a circular motion, with your hands and arms. You can slowly sway back and forth or even hold her tighter and lift her up off her feet. However, all this is usually not recommended in the first hug only. Give her time to get used to the new intimacy.
  • Just like initiating a hug, ending it properly is also important. Look for the subtle signs that she gives, to let you know that she wants you to release her, like relaxing her arms. Make sure to take the hint. Then, let your arms slide out from her side and bring them back to your own side.
  • Look at her eyes once again and give a gentle, not naughty, smile. This will let her know that you appreciate the hug and enjoyed it thoroughly. You can either leave after this or continue with the conversation that you were having earlier.

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