Has the question “what to say to the girl I like?” been taxing your mind for long? If yes, read on to find some nice things to say to the girl you like.

What To Say To A Girl You Like

Do you always get that feeling of having butterflies in your tummy whenever she walks by? Overcome your nervousness and start a productive conversation instead. Guys often tend to hold themselves back and search for words to begin a conversation with the girls they like. Women are sensitive, emotional, and often unpredictable. You never know what words will make her fall for your or scare her away. Choose your words carefully and be honest while conversing with the girl you like. While some words can be flattering for her, other utterances can hurt her, and she might not want to talk to you for the rest of her life. Choosing the right words is crucial while dealing with a girl, specially the girl you really like. Here are some tips that will help you get a conversation started with the girl you like and feel for. Read on to learn more.

Nice Things To Say To A Woman You Like

  • Girls love to hear compliments. Even though some people find complimenting a difficult task, starting a conversation with a nice compliment can be a great socializing tool.
  • Observe her closely to give some genuine comments. If she has recently got a haircut and if she is looking cute, do not hesitate to praise her.
  • If she is wearing a nice dress that you like, go ahead and tell her how good she is looking in her attire.
  • Does she sing well? If yes, go ahead and tell her you like her voice a lot.
  • Remember not to talk about things that she is insecure about because she might perceive you are mocking her, even if you are sincere.
  • If she is working, you can ask her about her latest projects and praise her on her accomplishments. Show genuine interest about her new ventures and motivate her.
  • Is she feeling low or sad? Then cheer her up with nice inspirational words.
  • When she speaks, listen to her carefully. Encourage her to talk about herself and give visual cues (like nodding heads at appropriate moments) to express that you are genuinely listening to her
  • Ask her about her likes and dislikes. Try to figure out if you share something in common. If you both admire a particular singer, discuss about his/her latest albums.
  • When you admire a girl you like, look straight in her eyes. Do not look away or be shy. This will convey a positive image and the girl will know that you are honest and not feeding her a line.
  • If she is having a bad day, cheer her up. Pamper her with something that she loves doing or play soulful music. Try to make her laugh and feel good.
  • Share your feelings honestly. If you like her and if you have noticed her for some time, there is no harm in admitting it. However, choose your words carefully. Although a little flattering is permissible, you should know your limits.
  • Make her feel comfortable in your presence. Laugh when she says jokes and let her know that she is interesting to talk to.
  • Whatever you say to the girl you like, be honest and sincere all through. Do not overdo anything as this can harm your relationship forever.

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