Table manners are the most crucial form of all the manners, especially when you are in a restaurant. Go through this article to get some tips on restaurant etiquettes and manners.

Restaurant Etiquette And Manners

When the renowned author Evelyn Waugh said that “Manners are especially the need of the plain, the pretty can get away with anything”, he must have not have table manners in mind. In today’s world, if you’re lacking in the basic table etiquettes, you may well be belonging to the Stone Age. Being a fundamental aspect of social life, such manners go a long way in ensuring your success in the outside world. Following proper table manners and etiquettes gives an impression about the sincerity and maturity of a person. And nowhere are manners more important than when you are in public, especially at a restaurant. Let us learn more about restaurant etiquette and manners.
Restaurant Table Manners and Tips
Don’t Talk Loudly
You may be a part of a fun group, but when you are sitting in a restaurant, it is advisable not to talk loudly and disturb others. You should also turn off your mobile phones or at least, put it in the silent mode.
Respect The Waiter
The waiters are doing an important job, serving people like you, so never ever try to demean them. Thank the waiter for bringing the food. This will not only show that you’re courteous, but also ensure you better service.
Sit Straight
Most of the people don’t know the right posture of sitting in a public place. Although it may be allowed at home, slouching at the table is a definite sign of ill-manner when you are at a restaurant.
Be Patient
Don’t start gobbling your food even before all the items have arrived. Wait patiently, until everything arrives. Now, unfold the napkin and keep it in your lap. Start serving yourself, taking everything in a small quantity, and pass the food from left to right.
Don’t Chew With Your Mouth Open
Chewing with your mouth open is one of the things that should be avoided even at home, but at the restaurant, it’s an offence. Always keep your mouth closed while chewing the food. Nobody wants to see the half-eaten food in your mouth.
Don’t Talk With Food In Your Mouth
If you’re in a habit of talking while eating, wait until you finish the bite that is in your mouth. Talking with your mouth full is not only gross, but sometimes also makes the food come out with the words and spread on the person you’re talking to.
Don’t Blow On The Food
If the food is hot, don’t blow on it, to make it cool down. It is considered bad manners. Rather, in that case, you should wait for a few minutes, to let it cool down, and then only start eating.
No Sound While Eating
Making sounds while eating the food may seem an extra pleasure to you, but it can very well kill the appetite of the people around you. Remember, you’re not a cow and the delicious food is not your cud.
Eat in Small Bites & Slowly
Always take your food in small bites and chew it slowly. Don’t fill your mouth with food and then try to swallow it down, even if you’re in a hurry. It’s not only considered a bad habit, but is also not good for health.
Don’t Lick Your Fingers
The food may be scrumptious, but you don’t need to lick your fingers after you’re done eating, to prove that. You may want to show that the food was mouth-watering, but there are other ways of doing it.
Don’t Burp or Belch Loudly
Even the mention of burping or belchingis enough for some people to be put off food. If you get the urge to burp, excuse yourself, head for the wash room and only then allow yourself the liberty of doing so.
No Toothpick At Table
Never use toothpick at a restaurant. If you feel that something is stuck in your mouth, you might as well use floss. It’s true that green salad stuck in your teeth is not a good sight, but better head for the loo to get it out, rather than using a toothpick right there.
Thank The Chef For His Cooking
Before heading out of the restaurant, don’t forget to thank the chef for his great food, if you have really enjoyed it. It’s only fair that the chef gets his due credit. And by thanking him/her, you will ensure a great service for your next rendezvous too.

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