There are certain basic gym etiquettes and good manners that every user should follow. Read on to know the things that you should do and those you shouldn’t do at the gym.

Gym Etiquette

People have become very conscious of their health as well as their figure these days. Almost every guy wants to look like ‘Salman Khan’, while every girl wants to look like ‘Shilpa Shetty’. Catering to this trend, numerous gymnasiums have opened up in almost each and every city, catering every need and budget. Consequently, all types of people have started hitting the gym. Many of them don’t realize that there are basic etiquettes that you have to follow in the gym, so that other people can workout peacefully and effectively. We have provided a list of all the things that you should do and those you shouldn’t do at the gym, to make sure that other people don’t get bothered because of you.
Basic Gym Etiquette
Gymnasium is a place where you work out with a number of other people. Make sure to follow certain good gum manners, so that the people around you don’t start finding you a nuisance.
  • You are not the only one working out in a gym. Try to share the machines being used by you as much as you can.
  • Whenever you use a machine, make sure to clean it up after you are done. People don’t want to handle machines with sweat still sticking on.
  • After you are done with the weight machines, make sure to put back the weights used by you. You don’t want people to injure themselves by pulling/pushing more weight than they can.
  • There are usually time limits on the cardio machines, especially during busy hours. Please don’t over stretch the limits. Other people also have to use the machine.
  • Whenever you use dumbbells or plates, make sure to keep them back to where they were. People are not here to search for missing weights.
  • Gym is not a library, but please don’t make unnecessary noises too. Make sure to keep the weights down easily & not throw them on the floor.
  • If someone is using the machine you want to use, please wait for your turn. Don’t keep asking them whether they are done, don’t stand on top of their head and stop tapping your foot.
  • You might have immense knowledge of exercise and workouts, but please don’t offer unsolicited advise (unlesspeople are about to get hurt).
  • When you go to the gym on a regular basis, you become friendly with other people. Make sure that you don’t indulge in lengthy chats. It might disturb the other people. Keep your conversations small.
  • Many hot, sexy girls come to the gym. It does not mean that a guy has to hit on all of them. And, guys please don’t ogle at those long, curvy legs.
  • A gymnasium is a public place, not you office or home. Do not bring your mobile to the gym, unless it is very important. If and when you do, keep it on vibration and don’t talk loudly.
  • Tidy your training place after you are done. Food wrappers, water bottles, towels, or any other item should not be kept lying there after you are gone.
  • Acceptable that when you exercise, you unknowingly emit little noises. However, make sure that those little noises don’t turn into loud grunts.
  • When you exercise, you are bound to sweat and perspire. Make use to use deodorant before hitting the gym, but please don’t overdo it.
  • All types of people - youngsters, oldies, men, women, etc come to the gym. Don't use foul language and please respect other people.
  • While passing in front of the mirrors, make sure not to come in the way of someone who is correcting his stance.

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