Teaching table manners and etiquettes to kids is very important. Go through the article, to know the table manners that are essential for the kids to know.

Table Manners For Kids

There are parents who assume that their children would know how to act properly at a formal dinner and display appropriate table manners on their own, only to be embarrassed in the future. Children are not aware of the etiquettes that a formal dinning demands. Hence, parents need to take the initiative to teach their children table manners, before they spoil the dinner party. Good manners are important and make the meal enjoyable. Teaching table manners and etiquettes to kids is an essential requirement. Go through the following lines and learn about the important table manners that you should teach your kid, before the next dinner party.
Teaching Table Manners And Etiquettes To Kids 
  • The kids should be taught to have food with a fork and a spoon, unless the food item demands the use of fingers. They should know that only babies eat with fingers.
  • Tell your kids that they should cut small bites. Stuffing the mouth with food looks bad and it might choke the throat as well.
  • It is very important to teach kids to have the food with their mouth closed. You should make them understand that chewing with open mouth or making sound while chewing is considered bad manners.
  • Another important aspect which kids need to learn is that they should not talk while chewing the food. It looks extremely gross.
  • Teach kids that making rude comments about the food being served is bad manners. It would hurt the feelings of the host.
  • ‘Thank you’ is an important word the kids need to make use of, while they are having their food. They need to learn to say thank you when served something.
  • If the kids are at a sit-down dinner, they need to learn that until food is served to everyone, they should not start eating.
  • At times, it is seen that some kids are in a hurry to finish their food. In the process, they end up gobbling it down. They need to be taught that they should have the food slowly, relishing its taste.
  • If the food item served is big length, it is advisable to cut it into pieces. Stuffing the mouth with a large piece is not considered good.
  • If the kid likes a particular item and wants more of it, teach him to ask for that item to be passed on. They should not reach over someone's plate for something.
  • If something is stuck in between the teeth, it is advisable to go to the washroom, instead or scratching it then and there at the table.
  • The use of napkins should also be taught to the kids. They need to learn that the napkin should be placed on the lap. Dabbing the mouth after finishing the food is also advisable. However, they should not wipe their face or blow nose with it.
  • Lastly, teach the kids that they should always thank their host after the meal is over. Also, make them learn that they should always appreciate the food, even if did not taste good.

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