It is the qualities of a good leader that make him/her stand out from crowd. Go through the article to know all about the effective leadership qualities.

Qualities Of A Good Leader

It is a common perception that leaders are born, not made. This may be true to some extent because many people display some intrinsic traits right from birth, which put them in the position where they are looked up as leaders. A person’s authoritativeness, confidence in speech and action and the ability to handle crisis without panic are considered some of the most effective leadership qualities, which sets people apart from the crowd. Given below are some more qualities that a good leader should have.
Effective Leadership Qualities
The sign of a good leader is the honesty towards his/her work and employees. You should be very honest to your own self as well. Never loose your integrity, whatever be the circumstances, because a leader will not be considered reliable and worth following, if he/she looses honesty.     
Confidence should exude in every word you say; in everything you do. Have the confidence to manage people and show them the right path, whenever they seek your guidance. People who see panic or uncertainty in the eyes of their leader won’t consider him/her worth depending upon, in the time of crisis.
If you want to be known as a good leader, it is very important to be patient. Be cool, calm and collected. Do not panic or loose your temper when the situation is nerve-wracking. A good leader considers crisis, emotions and tricky situations a part of his journey and never looses his composure.
To become a good leader, you should always remains steadfast to the goal, without wasting time in checking for the possibility of hindrances that might creep in. If you find any obstacles in this process, consider it as your moral responsibility to solve them and find better ways to make progress towards the target.  
People will respond more openly to a leader who is dedicated towards his/her work and constantly works for the betterment of the employees as well as the organization. You should be zealous about your work and prove yourself as a source of inspiration for the people around you.
Consistency is an important leadership quality. Maintain your own way of approach and do not change it radically. Displaying inconsistency will confound others. Remember, you are a part of the team. Therefore, before expecting consistency from others, ensure that you are stable on your part.
Motivate Others
Always encourage your juniors and congratulate them for all their achievements, whether small or big. This will create a healthy environment in your workplace, which will in turn motivate your employees to give their best performance every time they are assigned a task.
Effective Communication
A leader should be able to reach the people around him/her effectively. Good communication skills are, in fact, key to become a good leader. If you possess all the above qualities, but the 'very important' communication skill is lacking in you, you can never become a good leader.

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