Wondering how to make your ex want you? Go through this article, to know about the ways to get your ex lover back in your life.

How To Make Your Ex Want You

While falling in love is synonymous to bliss, break up is just the opposite. Most of the people learn to compromise with the feeling of being rejected and learn to move on in life. However, there are some who are not ready to be a victim of heartbreak and want their ex back in their lives. If you are one of them, do not worry, you have made a smart choice. Nonetheless, remember that you need do it the right way. To get the magic back into the life, you will have to put in some efforts. The foremost thing is to determine the reason for the break-up. If, after knowing about it, you think that it is worth making up again, get ready to work for it.
Ways To Get Your Ex Lover Back 
  • First, take in the break-up with ease. Do not run after your ex or irritate him/her with phone calls, emails or sending your friends as messengers, almost instantly. It would only counteract, making the situation worse.
  • Give him/her space. Do not force your ex to meet you and please do not follow him/her to places he/she likes to visit. All you would with this is the label of a ‘stalker’.
  • You might feel depressed about the incident, but ‘being depressed’ is a strict no-no. It will only make you vulnerable and hamper your life completely.
  • Another behavior that people often succumb to, after break up, is restricting themselves to the four walls. Do not let your break up hamper your social life, as it will make you look desperate. Instead, go out, explore and do things which you haven’t done for a long time.
  • The first thing which anyone who has had a breakup, be it a male or a female, should do is build self respect. If your ex has left you, it is because he/she did not value you or your relationship enough. So, the first thing is to create value for your own self.
  • An important thing that you should do is to maintain contact with your ex, but subtly. Mail or message him/her once in a while. While doing this, make sure you remind him/her of the good times and how happy you felt then.
  • It is noted that you pay less attention to yourself when you are involved in a relationship. Take good care of yourself. Be well groomed. Get a makeover done, tone your body, start going to the gym and buy new a clothes. This would not only make you feel good about yourself, but also make your ex see you in a new light.
  • Once you follow all the tips given above, you would definitely be more confident and outgoing. Remember one thing, confidence attracts people. Who knows, seeing you this way, your ex might want to make up for the loss and get back to you!

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