Has he stopped seeing you, without telling you any reason for the same? Do you want to get him back? Check out the tips on winning a guy given here and know how to get your man / boyfriend back.

How To Get Him Back

You met the guy of your dreams, he asked you out, both of you started dating and even came pretty close to one another. Just when you started thinking that things couldn’t get better than this, life took a u-turn. He started avoiding your calls, ignoring you and even cancelled the next date. Right now, you must be feeling heartbroken and disillusioned with the world. The worst problem is that you do not even know where you went wrong. Relax. It is not easy to understand guys, especially when they do not communicate their feelings. However, winning a guy back is not a very difficult task, if you make the right moves. If you really love him, follow the tips given below, which tell you how to get your man back.
How to Get Him Back
The Dos 
  • Back off from the relationship. If he starts avoiding you, do not hound him with too many calls, messages or friends. Take it coolly, instead.
  • Start going out with friends. Never ever make a guy feel as if you have put your life on hold, waiting for him. At the same time, don’t overdo it.
  • Prep up your appearance and look even sexier than before. It will not only boost your confidence, but also make him notice you again.
  • Treat him just like any of your guy friends. Call him up once in blue moon and have a general conversation. It will make him realize what he is missing.
  • A few days after he starts avoiding you, start going out with someone else. Make sure to keep this relationship casual. 
The Don’ts 
  • Don’t avoid him if you happen to come across him anywhere, like a common friend’s party. Rather, say hello and even chat for a while. Make sure to stick to a general conversation.
  • Don’t call him up, asking why he has stopped calling you or meeting you. It will make you look desperate. Crying or begging him to come back will only make matters worse.
  • Don’t be available to him at all times. Take some of his calls and in case of others, make some excuse of being busy.
  • Don’t start flirting with other guys the very next day he leaves you. The jealousy trick might just backfire on you.

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