Toxic relationship is a kind of an unhealthy relationship. To know what is a toxic relationship and what are its signs, read on.

Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships are a kind of unhealthy relationships, which occur due to the presence of toxic people in a relationship. As a mater of fact, a toxic relationship can exist at any social level. There can be toxic friends, parents, colleagues, bosses and partners, a relationship with whom will be termed as toxic. However, one should also know the attributes of toxic people and the signs of a toxic relationship to recognize the situation and handle it better. Though every relationship involves a bit of bickering on trivial matters, you need to look out if it goes out of limits. A toxic relationship can leave you stranded in an emotional deadlock and leave you hurt and depressed. 
The Basics
Toxic people are a threat to your emotional health, with mood swings, short temper, inconsistencies, denial and impulsive behavior being the norm. At times they might acknowledge the inappropriateness of their behavior in front of you, but will never ever take any steps to mend their ways. A profound contradiction is found in their behavior, as they say something else and do something else. Their behavior is quite frequently abusive, with shallow feelings for their partner or their feelings. They even give concealed threats of leaving or withholding their love.
A toxic person will often make his/her partner feel that he/she does not care about him/her and even accuse him/her of being self entered. Such people look down on their companions with shame, insult and sarcasm, but are very good controllers of people and situation. They use their charming and seductive skills to keep their partner glued. The best way to handle such situations is to be aware and to avoid. Know a person well before developing any kind of relationship with him or her. In case it is unavoidable and you feel you are in a toxic relationship, be strong enough to get out of it, conquering all your fears.
Danger Signs
  • You are put you down verbally, in private or in front of others.
  • Your partner isolates you from your family, friends and even kids.
  • Your partner spies on you.
  • Your partner puts the blame on you for the failing relationship, expecting you to change or try solely to make things work.
  • Your thoughts, opinions, accomplishments or words are devalued.
  • Your self identity is lost, as you become over dependent on him, without any clue about how to survive without him.
  • Your partner is over dominating, leaving no space for your preference.
  • You feel afraid or unsafe with your partner and even escape from telling the truth at times for fear of upsetting him.
  • Your self-esteem is on an all time low, as your partner makes you feel unattractive or stupid.
  • Your partner is overly possessive and over powering.

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