Greenhouse effect is leading to global warming. Find out information on reasons & causes of greenhouse effect.

Cause Of Greenhouse Effect

The atmosphere of earth protects us from a number of things, including extreme cold. It acts like a woolen coat, which helps the world keep warm and above the freezing point. The heat from sun passes through the atmosphere before reaching the interiors of the earth. Some of this heat is trapped by the atmosphere, while the rest escapes into space. Greenhouse effect is the case in which the atmosphere traps more of the heat than what it normally does. The result of this effect is increase in the temperatures on earth.  If you want to know what the reasons for the greenhouse effect are, go through the following lines.
What is the Cause of Greenhouse Effect
The main reason for greenhouse effect is the emission of gases like nitrous-oxide, carbon-di-oxide, methane, ozone and water vapor. The causes of these emissions have been listed below.
One of the major reasons for the greenhouse effect is deforestation. With the increase in population, more and more forests are being cut to provide accommodation and other amenities to people. This has led to an increase in the amount of carbon di-oxide in the atmosphere. Add to this, burning of forests, for the purpose of deforestation, and we know why the carbon di-oxide has increased to such enormous levels.
Burning of Fossil Fuels
We all know that burning of fossil fuels, like petroleum and oil, wood and gas results in release of pollutants into the atmosphere. With time, the consumption of fossil fuels, be it for industrial purposes or consumer purposes, has increased and with it, the pollution levels in the world.
Electrical Appliances
Electrical appliances are amongst the major contributors to the green house effect. Refrigerators, air conditions or some other electric appliances emit gases, known as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which have added to the greenhouse effect.
Most of the industries today add to the pollution levels and in turn, lead to the greenhouse effect. Aerosol cans, some foaming agents used in the packaging industry, fire extinguisher chemicals and cleaners used in the electronic industry contribute to this. Even some processes of the cement manufacturing industries can be counted amongst the culprits.
Automobiles, whether they run on petrol or diesel, create pollution and release harmful gases into the atmosphere. These gases, in turn, create the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. The forever-increasing use of automobiles has only added to the problem.
Population Growth
The high rate of population growth has been indirectly responsible for the greenhouse effect. With the increase in the number of people, the need for things like accommodation, clothes, cars, ACs, etc has increased. The result is more industries, more cars, more deforestation, and so on.  The ultimate consequence is greenhouse effect.

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