Drinking under the influence of alcohol is devastating. Check out the facts and effects of drunk driving.

Drunk Driving Facts

Research shows that after 5-7 drinks, the brain is numbed to an extent that a person cannot even hold a pen and write properly. Despite knowing this, many people drive under the influence of alcohol, only to meet with devastating results. There have been numerous cases of people driving under alcohol and involved in fatal accidents. So in case you don’t want to risk your life doing something silly and dangerous, stay away from drinking and driving. Given here are some facts and effects of drinking under influence.
Facts about Drunken Driving 
  • The average BAC or Blood Alcohol Content / Concentration among fatally injured drinking drivers is .16.
  • The greatest single cause of death for every age from five through twenty- seven are traffic crashes and the single lying cause for that is driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Drivers aged between 21 to 29 years, drive the greatest proportion of their miles drunk or under the influence of alcohol.
  • It is proved that men are four times more likely than women to drive after drinking!
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime and if found guilty, you can be fined heavily, sent to prison or have your license suspended. 
Effects of Drunken Driving 
  • The foremost and the most obvious effect of drunken driving is a fatal crash. Everyone knows alcohol suppresses the nervous system and numbs the brain, which means the time of reaction is considerably reduced. So in case of a crash, you may not be able to control the vehicle or use your discretion to maneuver it safely.
  • Another devastating effect could be harming someone else during driving. It could be a pedestrian or someone on another vehicle or even a co-passenger. You have no right whatsoever to let anyone else suffer the consequence of your action.
  • Once you are caught driving under influence, it is marked on your license which will mar your reputation forever. You won’t be able to renew it again without much hassles and court proceedings and it will finally show up on your professional life as well.
  • Driving under influence will eventually reduce your own self-confidence and at one point of time, no one would prefer to come on a drive with you. It will destroy your personal as well as social life.

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