Flirting after marriage is not considered ethical most of the times. Check out more about dating after marriage.

Flirting After Marriage

Flirting is regarded as an expression of emotional, romantic or sexual interest between two people, usually belonging to opposite sexes. This can include conversation, body language and even a hint of physical contact. Flirting is generally non-serious and corresponds to showing interest in someone or gauging the amount of interest someone has in you. As a matter of fact, it is the most common means of entertainment and fun amongst both men and women. However, considering the societal norms we are expected to abide by, flirting is regarded healthy only when it is within limits. Flirting might be regarded as unethical a number of times, especially after marriage. To know the implications of dating after marriage, read on.
The Pros
The probable positive effects of flirting after marriage can relate to the fact that if done in a healthy and restricted way, it can really help a person continue with his social life like before. Most of the times, flirting makes a person feel good about himself or herself. Being liked by the opposite sex surely elevates a person’s confidence and enthusiasm. In effect, if one feels good about himself, it actually reflects on the people around. One of the greatest reasons for people to run away from marital institution is that they dread being bound and isolated by their social circle.
Healthy flirting is what helps you to maintain the balance in your personal community as well as your partner, without cutting down on loyalty and affection for the latter. At times, it is even argued that subtle flirting helps to do away the monotony which sets in after marriage. This is not only a stress buster, but also rejuvenates the marital relation, as it drifts the mind from the various responsibilities you shoulder and gives an opportunity to interact with different people with diverse natures and opinion.
The Cons
Though flirting is quite widely prevalent in the present scenario at all level of societal structure, it is not regarded as healthy and ethical after marriage. The greatest fear which both men and women face is that subtle flirtatious advances may lead to hazardous situations like infidelity or an extra marital relationship. It is obviously quite difficult for any spouse to witness their partner advancing towards a member of the opposite sex with undue emotional, romantic or sexual intentions. This leads to suspicion, breach of trust, conflicts and even ends up in a divorce. 

Furthermore, it instills a feeling of inferiority in the other partner, who starts doubting his or her merits and credentials. This further aggravates the situation and might lead to grim circumstances like depression or even suicidal attempts. Marriage is regarded as a sacred bond between a man and a woman, which is expected to be sustained by both of them at any cost. The sanctity attached to wedding is the prime reason why flirting after marriage is considered unlawful with regard to your partner. Therefore, the unruly ones are advised that though flirting after marriage is not an offence, it should be within limits, considering your partner’s feelings and opinion regarding the same.

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