There is more need to keep the romance alive in a relationship after marriage. Read this article that provides tips for bringing romance back into your marriage.

Romance After Marriage

Do you think that the zing in your relationship with your spouse has lessened considerably after marriage? Do you miss the romantic times before marriage, when the two of you spent hours together talking about anything and everything? Contrary to what many believe, the truth is that the romance is all the more important in a relationship post marriage. Daily work both at office and home coupled with numerous other trivial chores provide married couples less time to spend with one another. But then there are many ways in which you can keep the romance in your relationship alive!
Give Compliments
Lovers shower compliments upon each other (even when not really necessary) and this actually helps in nurturing their romance. It is very natural for lovers to get busy with daily work, family and home post marriage. But in this hustle bustle, many a times both forget to compliment one another when (say) she is wearing her hair differently or he is looking more handsome on a particular day. So take time out of your work and kids to notice his / her looks and give complements. Not just looks, you can also compliment your partner on his / her work, achievements, etc. This will surely work in re-injecting romance in your marriage.
Be Interested in His / Her Life
It is not really possible to like each and every habit of your spouse. For example, a wife may not really be interested when her partner spends the entire morning cleaning his car. On the other hand, a husband may not really appreciate the reality shows wives like watching on TV. But think again. They are not really that bad. Are they? Moreover if you genuinely sometimes take interest in things that interests your life partner, he or she will really appreciate your gesture and reciprocate.   
Go for a Ride
With children, family and so many other everyday chores, there is hardly any time left for you and your partner to spend with each other. But try to find time somehow. Going for an impromptu ride late in the evening is one way you can do this. You could also consider taking a longer route or stopping by for an ice-cream when returning from the monthly purchase of grocery items.  
Listen to Music
Listening to one’s favorite music always peps up the mood. So keep some romantic naughty numbers in store for the rare times when you and your spouse are alone in the house. Make sure that these songs are the one liked by him / her too. This is sure to liven up the mood, helping both to fall in love with one another all over again.  
Be Affectionate
A caring touch when he / she is seeming not too upbeat, holding hands when in a crowd, a warm hug when your partner has excelled in some way, are the little caring gestures. These gestures may seem insignificant, but they work wonders in any relationship. After your kids have gone to bed, spend time cuddled together on the couch watching TV or just chatting.
Surprises Your Partner

With the daily tensions, there is more need of romance in your life after marriage. Giving your partner little surprises goes a long way in elevating moods and lessening anxieties. You can leave cute love messages for one another under the pillow. You can even SMS mushy romantic sayings on one another’s mobile, arrange a candle light dinner, etc.  Such gestures are sure to keep the romance in a relationship after marriage burning.

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