Find out how to rekindle romance in relationship.

How To Rekindle Romance

A healthy long term relationship is something that you should be proud of, and couples who are in a long term relationship need to celebrate this achievement of theirs. However, over time the romance starts to get stale.  You don't have to wait for a special occasion to rekindle your romance or say 'I Love You'. Here, we tell you some secrets and provide you with some expert tips on how to rekindle romance in your relationship.
  • Date your partner - Remember the time when you were courting your partner for the first time? Probably, you guys used to go for dates ever so often. Well, there is no reason that you should not go for one after you are in a settled relationship. Find different ways and means to spend time together and in each other's company. It's pretty simple actually; think about it this way - no matter what, you make sure that you find time for yourself, isn't it? In a similar way, make sure that you give enough time to your partner.
  • Hold Hands - A simple act like holding hands can go a long way in rekindling that lost romance that both of you once shared. Make sure that you hold hands every time you are together. Remember, all of us need more touching and holding hands is one of the most beautiful ways to show that you care and love your partner.
  • Love Notes - Writing love notes to one another is a very romantic thing to do. Even if it's just something like 'I Love You', it can mean a lot to your partner. Leave a note where your partner is sure to find it, during the day.
  • Early courtship memories - You can remember the early days of your courtship and why you fell in love in the first place. Go through your old memories and use this opportunity to reconnect with each other. Reminiscing about the days of your early courtship can go a long way in rekindling the old romance that you once shared with your partner.
  • Pamper your partner - Once in a while, take some time out just to pamper your partner with a simple hand, foot or neck massage. This will send a message across to your partner that you care about him/her.
  • Surprise - Do something that your partner was not expecting. Surprise them with something that they never expected but will really appreciate It can be something extra special if it is something that you did while you were dating.
  • Romantic Dinner - Nothing can bring back that lost romance like a beautiful, romantic dinner. Start by preparing the dinner together; please remember that it is not the duty of one partner to cook while the other watches television or lazes around. Help your partner and participate in the process. Put some candles on the table and dress up as though you are out on a date. You can also switch off your cell phone so that you don't receive any unwanted calls during this time.
  • Spend the day together - We all have busy schedules because of which we unknowingly start to avoid spending time with our partners. Make sure you spend atleast a couple of days in a week with your partner. Go out somewhere and have fun. Both of you can also go for a long walk and talk. Do some activity that both of you enjoy.
  • Partner’s day off - This can be real act of kindness that can help in bringing back that old magic that you guys once shared. Do your partner's chores for one day. Let them do what they want to do for the whole day.
  • Flirting - Remember, how you used to flirt with your partner before you guys accepted each other? Well, you don't necessarily have to stop that! Flirt with your partner, laugh at their jokes. These small moves that might not seem so important will really help bringing back the old memories of when you guys were just starting out with each other. 

The tips provided here will help you in rekindling the old romance that both you and your partner once shared. Once you really start putting your time and effort towards the task, you will really be amazed what you can come up with and enjoy together.

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