It’s very much possible to have a happy & successful married life. Read to learn secrets for saving your marriage & avoiding common marriage problems.

Tips For Successful Marriage

A successful marriage depends on many practical aspects and not just love, romance and fairytales. Although, the main foundation of every marriage is love and care but it cannot only thrive on that. A successful marriage, as a prerequisite, requires two mature people in it who can adjust according to each other’s needs and wants. To agree to be in matrimony with someone means that you are ready to turn your life around 360 degrees for your partner, so that he/she feels welcomed in your life. It works successfully if both the partners do that for each other simultaneously. It is hard work to work out a marriage, because it is not like you can fine tune it one time and it will stay like that forever. You have to keep increasing the levels of your understanding, depending on what situation you both are in and where exactly your marriage stands. The foremost thing to inculcate in a marriage to make it successful is tolerance towards each other. There comes a point in every marriage where one or both the partners start to feel a little distant and try to get more engrossed into activities outside of the marriage. Times like these are very sensitive and how the partners deal with these situations ultimately decide how successful their marriage is. Although, marriage is the act by which two people make their love for each other public but every factor that leads to a successful marriage is internal and private. A marriage well nurtured privately will always stand the test of time. Over the course of a marriage, a lot changes between two people, like: the love takes the backseat, personalities go through transformations and even the body changes. It is how a couple handles these conflicting situations and changes is what makes their marriage stronger and keeps the spark alive between them. The best marriages are made up of great friendships; it is when two people understand each other as friends that all the hurdles in that relationship can be handled. They will know how to control the spats and not let them go out of hand. They will also understand each other’s point of view very quickly because of the intimate friendship they have formed over the years. Let us discuss more about happy marriages and tips for making your marriage a success, in this article.
How To Make Your Marriage Successful
You should aim at making your partner your priority throughout your marriage. It should remain how it used to be when you both first started seeing each other; you were each other’s world and did not let anything come in between your love, attention and care for each other. Do not put your partner at the end of your priority list. Do not take your partner for granted and think that he/she will understand if you will not give him/her enough time or rather he/she should understand. That is an unrealistic expectation in a marriage. You must take out time for each other and let your partner know that he/she means everything in your life and none of the other things would mean anything if he is not there. A lot of combats and problems will be solved in your relationship if you both get enough attention from each other.
Be Grateful
Do not take for granted the wonderful things that your partner does for you. The key to happiness and longevity in a marriage is to be grateful for the love and care of your partner. Say thank you when you get a chance; let your partner know that you appreciate the little things he does in your life. This will encourage your partner to do more things for you, the things that will make you happy. You partner will also feel like he/she is being recognized for the efforts he puts into the marriage. This will also encourage him/her to be grateful towards you and your contribution in the marriage. This will ultimately lead to a happy existence between couples.
Keep The Romance Burning
Passion can help to keep two people glued together. You should try and not lose the spark and work towards keeping the romance alive in your relationship. Work, kids, finances and day to day troubles can wear off the spark in any marriage; your task is to take time out for romance and passion irrespective of that. Do not let the day to day chores come in the way of your love. Take out time for each other, have romantic dinners and get into sexual plays to keep yourself reminded how attractive your partner is.
Do Not Clog Each Other’s Space
You should learn to respect each other’s individuality. A wonderful way to come close together is to give each other some space. You should let your partner be whatever he/she wants to be and not always make it about yourself. He/she has his/her own tastes, thoughts, opinions and priorities, you should learn to respect it and accommodate it in your life. This is how your partner will feel independence in the relationship and much appreciated for his/her individuality.
Instill Excitement Into Your Relationship
Take out time for silliness, for fun activities. This will help eliminate the dullness from your marriage. Take vacations together, make out time for adventurous activities to be reminded of how fun it used to be when you both first came together.
Do Not Try To Change Your Partner
One thing that poisons the relationship is the constant nagging. You fell in love with this person then why suddenly you have made it your duty to change everything about him? It is not fair to expect from your partner to change after you get married when in the first instance you fell for his/her personality and the same qualities.
Be Vocal
Do not keep resentments inside. Speak it out and be vocal about your issues. Do not assume that your partner will not understand you; if you will present your issue in a respectful manner then your partner will definitely be sensitive about it. Keeping issues suppressed would only mean that you will blurt them out when you have a violent combat and will blow it out of proportion.
Be Independent
Do not depend on your partner for everything. Live your own life and cater to your needs from time to time. This will make you a much happier individual and you can then approach the issues in your marriage with a positive mind set.
Unshakable Trust
Do not lose trust in your partner and have faith in his/her intensions. Constant disapproval or mistrust will lead to loosening of the foundations of your marriage.
Loyalty & Commitment
Honor your commitment and be loyal to your partner. If these qualities are missing from your marriage then nothing else will really matter. Loyalty also means that you do not back bite or gossip about your partner and his/her habits behind his/her back.
A successful marriage demands teamwork. Do not put all the major responsibilities on your partner’s shoulders and expect him/her to be kind to you after that. An overburdened partner will slowly turn into a moody individual who will keep resentments with his/her spouse. To make your marriage a happy communion, share responsibilities in your marriage.

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