If you are willing to work towards fixing your marriage, the 'how' of it gets answered soon. Find out information on saving a broken marriage.

How To Fix A Marriage

When you get married, there are lots of dreams in your eyes - of a partner who would always be there, who would love you just as you are, who would be there to lend a listening ear to you at all times. However, as the time passes, you realize that life is not at all rosy. There are fights, after which your partner is no longer talking to you, forget about being there by your side. He/she wants to change almost everything in you and every conversation ends up in arguments. In other words, you are witnessing your 'happy wedding' turning into a 'bad marriage'. This does not mean that divorce is around the corner. If you are willing to work towards fixing your marriage, there are all the chances that you would end up as happy as in the initial months/years of marriage. In order to help you out, we have provided the steps that will tell you how to fix a bad marriage.
How To Fix A Bad Marriage
One of the first essential elements of a marriage, in fact any relationship, is communication. The moment it breaks down, you know you are in for major trouble. Whatever be the problem between the two of you, remember to keep talking to each other and not shut yourself up. Bottled-up emotions will not take you anywhere. Rather, discussing your problems with each other will go a long way towards building a happy marriage.
The need of apology between a couple can never be overestimated. It is said 'to err is human'. However, to not say sorry when you have erred is nothing short of a blunder. If you realize that you have made a mistake, admitting the same and apologizing for it will not make you small. Rather, it will make your partner feel that you know that you went wrong and will make efforts to ensure that the same thing does not happen in future.
Give Space
One of the most common issues related to marriage occur from partners not giving space to each other. Being married does not mean that you have to spend 24 hours together. Your world consists of people other than just the two of you and you should try not to suffocate each other. At the same time, this does not mean that the two of you should lead independent lives altogether. The space should neither be too less, nor too much.
Keep Your Cool
Whenever you feel that there is an argument bubbling up between the two of you, try to keep quite and cool down things. Avoiding heated arguments as much as possible is the key to a stable marriage. This is because, in anger, we often end up saying things that we do not mean and would never have said otherwise. Remaining silent means that you will not end up saying those things that you are bound to regret sometime later.
Identify Problems & Discuss
If you have managed to avoid the argument, it is very good. However, if you have ended up having heated exchange, let things cool down a bit. Rather than blaming each other for what happened, try to sit down and identify the reason that led to the fight. Finding solutions, and not finding the faults of each other, is what will lead you to a happy and peaceful life. So, try to indulge in peaceful discussions, analyze underlying issues and resolve them.

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